Do Virgo and Taurus Get Along?

See if Virgo and Taurus are the best love match.

Virgo and Taurus Match

Virgo woman / Taurus man Earth sign romantic match

Dating and love, Virgo and Taurus style

Virgo woman / Taurus man Earth sign romantic match

Hi Virgo! Those born under your sun sign are known to be dependable, truthful, and kind. As a sign ruled by Mercury, it’s your job to share your knowledge and expertise with the world around you. Your reputation for practicality often makes others assume you’re boring or too grounded. This just means you need to seek out a partner who can also appreciate the beauty in a life well-lived. This bodes well for a match between two earth signs, Virgo and Taurus.

“The Maiden is tied to the Sixth House of Health. This allegiance gives you a talent for organization, healthy living, and acts of service.”

Your pragmatic approach to life allows you to notice details that other signs may overlook. You’re also able to work through conflict in unique ways, making you a great partner. Taurus is both reliable and practical. The Bull has a reputation for being incredibly stubborn—it’s just that they work hard to establish their view points. Unless one of their core values is being challenged, Taurus is a kind and gentle individual to be around. This is easily explained by their ruling planet of Venus—the planet of love, beauty, and refinement. The Bull generally avoids fighting, preferring to seek out comfort, passion, and fulfillment in their daily life. Trust doesn’t come naturally to these two sun signs. They’re both trustworthy, patient, and kind. However, they don’t often find these traits reciprocated in their relationships with other signs. It’s important for these zodiac signs to bond in order to uncover each other’s commonalities. Once trust is built, you can lavish in a secure, equal partnership.

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Are Virgo and Taurus a Good Match?

The Maiden is often the nurturing one or the organized one in their relationships. They can make the ideal supportive partner. However, your ideal match would enable you to reach your goals and encourage your growth, too. A practical and devoted Taurus will support your dreams. As two earth signs, you both understand the merit in helping your loved ones be their best.

“You have the ability to grow together if you’re both willing to be vulnerable with each other. Aligning your goals and learning to communicate can help establish that trust.”

Over time, you can soften the Bull’s tough skin and get the Maiden to let their guard down. As two earth signs, your romance may develop slowly. Neither of your signs enjoys taking risks, so it’s unlikely that a spark will form after a fling. Instead, you may transition from being close friends to lovers. A slow burn romance can be sexy, sensual, and beautiful. However, if it takes too long for you to settle down together, the Maiden and Bull may be pulled apart by your respective responsibilities.

A Virgo and Taurus match can help bring out the best of each of your Earth sign traits. Given the opportunity, this relationship will allow you both to grow into your best possible selves. Just try to open yourself up to trust—or a highly compatible bond may just pass you by.

Virgo woman / Taurus man Earth sign love match

Virgo and Taurus Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Virgo woman / Taurus man Earth sign love match

From the outside looking in, a Virgo and Taurus relationship may seem boring. In fact, it’s one of the most nurturing bonds in the zodiac cycle. Although you’re each able to succeed at alone, the Maiden and Bull are doubly capable together. Your shared work ethic will carry you to higher levels of comfort and success.

“Just keep in mind that a double-earth bond will also magnify your less favorable personality traits. While the Bull is unmatched when it comes to stubbornness, the Maiden may also dig their heels in.”

If a Virgo-Taurus couple is confronted with something new, they may decide to double down in the face of change. Your shared head-strong nature can make it difficult to say when you need help. However, your compatible relationship is worth fighting for—don’t let it slip away! Consider talking to an expert astrologer about the unique forces at play within your relationship or marriage. On Everclear, an advisor can provide horoscope compatibility and birth chart insights customized to you and the grounded Capricorn in your life. As two kind-hearted individuals, you both deserve a relationship filled with trust and tenderness. Learning to express your wants and needs will allow you both to fall deeper in love and make your relationship as good as it can get.

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