Do Virgo and Scorpio Get Along?

Find out if Virgo and Scorpio are the best love match.

Virgo and Scorpio Match

Virgo woman / Scorpio man Earth Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Virgo and Scorpio style

Virgo woman / Scorpio man Earth Water sign romantic match

Hi Virgo! Like all those born under your sun sign, you’re meticulous in matters of the heart. Symbolized by the Maiden, you’re a stable earth horoscope guided by your moral compass. Virgo likes to keep their life neat and tidy—avoiding unnecessary chaos and conflict whenever possible. They’re a team player and those who cause discord will meet their wrath. Can you find harmony in a match between Virgo and Scorpio?

“Ruling planet Mercury lends the Maiden a gift for language, communication, and intellect. Your organizational skills pair nicely with these traits and make the Maiden a fantastic strategian.”

It’s likely you feel most comfortable using your talents to support those around you. Virgo’s stable and grounded aura may cause loved ones and friends to turn to you in times of turmoil. Although Virgo has a reputation for being overly strict at times, this is a result of how fiercely you care for your loved ones. Tied to the Sixth House of Health, the Maiden knows the value of sticking to a routine. Virgo works hard to keep themselves (and their loved ones) happy, healthy, and safe. These responsibilities are very serious to the Maiden, who may feel like they need to wear a mask to keep others from worrying about them. Your determined nature is both a blessing and a curse, as it can be hard for you to rely on others.

Scorpio is a sign who knows all about balancing hidden feelings with desires. The Scorpion is a water sign and deeply in tune with their emotions. They’re a very ambitious horoscope ruled by the powerful planet Mars. Their second ruling planet is transformative Pluto, which gives them a darker nature and appreciation for mystery. Scorpio has a talent for persuasion and a silver tongue that can be a tantalizing match for Virgo’s quick wit. The sensual Scorpion’s dark allure is a result of their ties to the Eighth House of Sex and Intimacy. Your partner enjoys exploring the realms of pleasure. Due to their darker nature, Scorpio is a keeper of secrets and may never reveal their vulnerabilities to you. Be wary of sparking conflict with Scorpio, as they are the most vengeful sign in the zodiac.

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Are Virgo and Scorpio a Good Match?

Diving into a match with Scorpio will require Virgo to weigh their pros and cons. You may be drawn towards your Scorpion’s charismatic nature and achievements. It’s true that Scorpio’s power pairs well with Virgo’s strategic support—this duo can accomplish incredible things. In any partnership with alluring Scorpio, you may find yourself wanting more. Try to resist the dark temptation of your partner, as a relationship is best started slowly.

“Test the waters first and get a feel for how much of yourself you’re willing to give to them. Virgo will quickly find that this relationship can become all-consuming.”

When passion flares and you find yourself headed to the bedroom, the sex is sure to be thrilling and explorative. Watery Scorpio’s emotional nature can help uptight Virgo to relax. In return, your partner will appreciate Virgo’s kindness and fierce loyalty.

Conflict may spark if the Scorpion pushes the Maiden too far out of their comfort zone. As a sign who’s always pushing limits, it’s likely that Scorpio will meet Virgo’s disapproval before long. Your partner may refuse to follow your routine and may even interpret your care as being overly restrictive. If your disagreements can’t be worked out casually, the two of you may enter a deadlock of bitter feelings. Scorpio’s prideful nature will not bend easily to stubborn Virgo.

Virgo woman / Scorpio man Earth Water sign love match

Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Virgo woman / Scorpio man Earth Water sign love match

At times, Virgo may feel unsure if this is truly the right match for them. A relationship with the ambitious Scorpion may feel like walking the fine line between chaos and greatness. While there are obstacles in the way for every couple, Virgo and Scorpio face the unique challenge of balancing energy. Meticulous Virgo sticks to their routine, while Scorpio vigorously pursues their ambitions. The Maiden may feel distraught in an endless game of tug-and-war.

“When it feels like you’ll never see eye-to-eye with your partner, don’t give up! Listen to your determined heart and seek out trusted advice in the name of love.”

An astrology expert is ready to help you connect. Other placements in each of your birth charts may become more prevalent as you get guidance with an Everclear advisor to attain your happily-ever-after with Scorpio. The Maiden is a strong and stable horoscope who doesn’t settle for less than the best. With a little guidance to help you on your way, you can reap the benefits of a loving relationship or marriage you truly deserve. Exciting risks and great rewards are waiting in the arms of your partner, so keep your head held high and thrive in a match between Virgo and Scorpio!

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