Do Virgo and Pisces Get Along?

Find out if Pisces traits are the best match for Virgo.

Virgo and Pisces Match

Virgo woman / Pisces man Earth Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Virgo and Pisces style

Virgo woman / Pisces man Earth Water sign romantic match

Hi Virgo! Those born under your sun sign have a fierce heart and loving nature. Symbolized by the Maiden, you have a strong sense of organization that guides you through life. Virgo enjoys orderly situations where things remain predictable. It follows that they can be prone to anxiety in times of uncertainty. To avoid chaos, the Maiden uses their skills to keep everything running smoothly. Clever and well-presented, you’re sought after by those who can benefit from your skills. Will a match between Virgo and Pisces prove to be mutually beneficial?

“Despite their gifts, Virgo is a supportive horoscope who usually chooses to help those around them over stealing the spotlight for themselves. Their ruling planet lends them several traits that make them a great team player.”

Mercury, messenger to the gods, bestows gifts like intellect, communication, and even healing. It follows that the Maiden is tied to the Sixth House of Health. You prioritize well-being and know the value of maintaining a healthy mind and body. Pisces is a water sign that shares your appreciation for thoughtful care and support. As the twelfth and final sign in the zodiac cycle, your partner carries a sense of wisdom that goes beyond their years. They have a deep, mysterious aura that will intrigue Virgo’s intellectual side. The Fish carries many secrets in the sanctuary of their mind. They’re influenced by distant Neptune, which gives them a deep intuition and connection to the unknown.

Tied to the Twelfth House of the Unconscious Mind, the Fish has a vivid imagination and unconventional ways. Your partner swims in a realm of possibilities within their own thoughts. They may prefer exploring their daydreams over their real-world responsibilities. As one of the most independent signs, the Fish has a solitary nature and may struggle to connect with others.

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Are Virgo and Pisces a Good Match?

Virgo and Pisces stand on opposite sides of the zodiac cycle. This means you must cross a fair distance in order to connect. Expect initial contact to be challenging, as Virgo’s more direct approach may be lost on reserved Pisces. The Maiden’s patience and determination will be put to the test as you try to unravel how the Fish feels about you. Despite initial struggles with communication, a relationship can be well-worth the effort for this couple.

“As time passes, Pisces will begin to warm up to you. Virgo may feel a sense of success for their hard work. Although you may never truly understand the mysterious ways of the Fish, you may view them as your next organization project.”

It’s that Pisces can benefit from the influence of tidy Virgo. Just know that forcing your values on your fluid partner will spark conflict. Although the Maiden likes to call the shots in a relationship or marriage, your bond will only flourish if the two of you can find a balance between your different lifestyles. Earth sign Virgo seeks out stable relationships with minimal disturbances. You can rest assured that Pisces is a trustworthy and empathetic sign. However, their unpredictable ways and secretive nature may be frustrating to the Maiden. You will need to accept that you may never fully understand your mysterious partner.

The strength of your feelings will determine how far you’re willing to step out of your comfort zones for each other. If you find that the struggles of romance are holding you back, Virgo may want to consider a different type of relationship with Pisces. There are many kinds of love, and the benefits of your match can be enjoyed in a friendship.

Virgo woman / Pisces man Earth Water sign love match

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Virgo woman / Pisces man Earth Water sign love match

All relationships must survive the test of time, and Virgo and Pisces face some unique challenges. The most pressing concern you face in your quest to find compatibility is the obstacle of communication. The quiet Fish keeps most of their thoughts inside. Meanwhile, Virgo’s direct way of speaking and compulsive organization may be suffocating for the Fish. In turn you may feel like you’re unable to move forward. The more you try to help Pisces, the deeper your partner may retreat into their own mind.

“Before giving up on your Fish, know that balance can be found. Your relationship may be illuminated in a love reading with an astrology expert.”

An Everclear advisor can help Virgo to unravel the secrets of their partner and open the door to communication. Remember that despite the distance between your signs, you both share a caring nature that can be drawn on to keep you together against the odds. The Fish’s empathetic nature and the Maiden’s care can come together in a truly giving bond. Your sun sign is not the only astrological influence on your character, however. Every person is unique with placements for the moon and all the planets in their birth chart.
With a helping hand to get you there, you and your partner can thrive in a mutually-beneficial match. As friends or lovers, let your determination and inner strength guide you to a Virgo-Pisces bond.

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