Do Virgo and Libra Get Along?

Find out if Libra traits are the best match for Virgo.

Virgo and Libra Match

Virgo woman / Libra man Earth Air sign romantic match

Dating and love, Virgo and Libra style

Virgo woman / Libra man Earth Air sign romantic match

Hi Virgo! Strong of heart and sure of mind, you have the many blessings of your sun sign. Symbolized by the Maiden, you have a reputation for being organized and meticulous to details. Virgo isn’t fond of chaos and is happiest when things run smoothly. Those who get in the way of the Maiden or ruin their hard work will be met with their sharp tongue. Can you find a harmonious balance in a match between Virgo and Libra?

“Your way with words and languages is a gift from your ruling planet, intellectual Mercury. Your witty and thoughtful characteristics make you a great organizer or strategist.”

Virgo is a social sign, but hesitates to step into the spotlight. Most prefer to use their many abilities in support of those around them. As an earth sign, the Maiden has a stable and reassuring aura that others find respite in. You have a warm and loving heart—though it’s sometimes obscured by your direct way of speaking. Virgo is tied to the Sixth House of Health. Your astrological house indicates that you’re always thinking about the well-being of yourself and others. Virgo knows the value of sticking to a good wellness routine. But the weight of care is a lot for the Maiden to carry. Even so, Virgo tries their best and often avoids leaning on others for help.

Libra takes their responsibilities just as seriously as you do. They’re also called the Scales of the zodiac and they take on the role of diplomat. Libra is constantly seeking justice and is happiest when things are fair for everyone. Like you, they have a way with words and they’re able to use their skills to weave a vast network of social connections. Libra is naturally extroverted and feels most at home in a group. After all, they come from the Seventh House of Partnerships. In fact, the Scales are strongest when they are in a relationship. Libra spends a lot of their time building strong connections and is drawn towards romantic relations. They’re also prone to loneliness and may feel that a piece of themselves is missing when they’re single. To regain balance, they may hurry from one relationship into the next without stopping to focus on themselves.

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Are Virgo and Libra a Good Match?

When the paths of Virgo and Libra cross, you may feel drawn to the attractive Scales. Their diplomatic approach and harmonious way of living are compatible with the Maiden’s appreciation for order. Like you, your responsible partner works hard for the good of all. While Virgo focuses on health, Libra is all about human rights and justice. The two of you may find yourselves in passionate debates discussing these important issues.

“Although earthen Virgo and airy Libra are horoscopes with opposite elements, you’re both intellectual signs with a passion for communication and community. In most situations, your strengths can help to lift the other up—creating a relationship of mutual support.”

This trust and dependence between you can quickly move friendly relations into a deeper romance. Quiet moments shared between the two of you are sure to be loving and delightful. However, it may be hard to find private time with your popular partner. Yet there will be situations when the Maiden finds themselves frustrated with the Scales’ inability to make up their mind. Your partner weighs the pros and cons of each decision carefully, and will not appreciate Virgo’s lack of patience. There will also be times when Libra chooses to break routine or try something new. This may push you out of your comfort zone unwillingly. Arguing with Libra can quickly turn into a battle of wits. Virgo will discover that a fight with Libra is never a private matter, as the extroverted Scales is likely to involve their many social ties.

Virgo woman / Libra man Earth Air sign love match

Virgo and Libra Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Virgo woman / Libra man Earth Air sign love match

Virgo and Libra can come together to form a wholesome match. However, even bonds between the most compatible of horoscopes will face bumps in the road. The main challenge faced by Virgo-Libra couples is keeping drama out of your relationship. This may not be a concern when things are going well, but be aware of complications that can surface when you disagree with your Libra.

“While The Maiden will be hard-pressed to save a relationship when faced with the Scales’ many supporters, know that you’re never alone.”

There is help ready to guide you through relationship or marital ruts. A love reading and guidance session with an Everclear advisor may be just what Virgo needs to establish a lasting bond with their Libra. The Maiden knows that they deserve the best, a lifelong relationship that will bring out their strengths. An experienced astrologer can look at your complete birth charts and provide personalized advice for your unique relationship. With a little extra support to help you on your way, you can rest assured that you have found a truly blessed match. Hand-in-hand with your Scales, enjoy the beautiful bond between Virgo and Libra!

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