Do Virgo and Cancer Get Along?

Find out if Virgo and Cancer are the best love match.

Virgo and Cancer Match

Virgo woman / Cancer man Earth Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Virgo and Cancer style

Virgo woman / Cancer man Earth Water sign romantic match

Hi Virgo! Those born under your sun sign are highly selective, especially when it comes to romance. You’re capable of great devotion, but only to someone worthy of your love. Although you may have made a few mistakes earlier in life by looking at a partner through rose-colored glasses, you’ve probably learned from those mistakes. Will you find the “one” in a match between Virgo and Cancer?

“Your Cancer partner may come into your life while you’re still healing your wounds. The Crab may seem like the perfect antidote to everything that harmed you, offering gentleness and attentiveness.”

A Cancer pays attention when you talk about your plans to organize your personal library. You reciprocate by listening as the Crab discusses their concerns about a family member or friend. In many ways, the two of you seem perfect for each other. Yet Virgo’s critical side may sometimes nitpick facets of the Crab’s personality.

Cancers are ruled by the Moon, making them very susceptible to their inner emotional tides. As a Mercury ruled Virgo, you tend to take a more cerebral approach to life. At times you may find yourself growing impatient with Cancer’s insistence at looking at life through the lens of feelings rather than intellect. Additionally, Cancer has a connection to the Fourth House of Foundations. It’s the domain of the family, the home, and feelings. Meanwhile, Virgo relates to the Sixth House of Health. These house orientations are usually compatible, but at times you may find you sharply disagree. For instance, Cancer may design a holiday menu based on family associations, while you prefer recipes which eschew unhealthy ingredients. The two of you will have to resolve the conflict between Cancer’s emotional needs and your Virgo urge toward purity.

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Are Virgo and Cancer a Good Match?

The Virgo and Cancer couple complement each other very well. Both of you are highly practical and enjoy working towards goals. As a cardinal sign, Cancer tends to have excellent ideas for new projects. They often start these projects with great enthusiasm, but if their concept doesn’t flourish, they grow discouraged. Virgo’s aptitude for analysis and planning means you can observe the ways the project can be improved. Then you might develop a list of ideas to help it succeed. Together, the two of you can overcome many obstacles.

“You might apply this Virgo-Cancer recipe for success to a shared business venture, or to a more personal project. If you live together, the two of you might putter happily in the garden together.”

Or you can join forces to create a home that reflects both Cancer’s nesting tendencies and your preference for carefully crafted objects. If you decide to raise children together, you will both take parenting very seriously. As a mutable sign, Virgo is likely to be more open to change and unconventional ideas than Cancer. If you want to suggest something unusual to a Crab you will have to exercise patience. Cancer might not warm up to your idea immediately and will need reassurance. Treat their emotional needs as part of the plan, not as an obstacle you want to overcome.

Virgo woman / Cancer man Earth Water sign love match

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Virgo woman / Cancer man Earth Water sign love match

People born under the zodiac sign of Cancer like to wrap their lovers in a warm blanket of nurturing and acceptance. They also want to receive this kind of love from others. Your Virgo tendency to analyze may feel harsh to a Crab who has exposed their tender, unarmored side to you.

“To prevent this personality difference from derailing your relationship, both you and your Cancer match will have to adapt. Virgo will have to learn to time their criticisms carefully, bearing in mind that Crabs bruise easily.”

Meanwhile, Cancer must learn not to take your tendency to analyze everything as a personal attack. You can use your highly developed observation skill for good to create romantic and sexy moments. Your Crab partner may feel shy about asking for what they want. However, they will feel flattered and happy when you give them a gift which shows that you pay attention to their tastes and preferences. Although your match is blessed with natural compatibility, you may still encounter some rough patches. Even analytical Virgo may require some help when it comes to unlocking the mysteries of relationships. Sun signs shouldn’t be your sole consideration of a good match. After all, every person is unique with various placements in their birth chart. Expert guidance from an Everclear advisor can help you perceive the issues between you and your partner more clearly. Give your relationship or marriage the gift of an insightful love horoscope reading.

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