Do Virgo and Aries Get Along?

See if Virgo and Aries are the best love match.

Virgo and Aries Match

Virgo woman / Aries man Earth Fire sign romantic match

Dating and love, Virgo and Aries style

Virgo woman / Aries man Earth Fire sign romantic match

Hi Virgo! If your sun sign was a movie genre, it would be a historical drama. After all, Virgos are detail oriented and love going on deep dives for research on topics they enjoy. You most likely have a breadth of knowledge on your areas of interest. Earth signs like Virgo typically aren’t matched with fire signs for long-lasting romance. However, that doesn’t mean that Virgo and Aries can’t be friends and co-star in a historical, yet action-packed crossover movie.

“In the short-term, fire and earth pairings can generate volcanic heat. After some time, these two have the potential to form a strong pairing—if both are willing to put their best foot forward.”

Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury carries the name of the messenger of the gods. Meanwhile, Aries’ planet bears the name of the god of war. The combination of communication and aggression can manifest in different ways depending on each partner’s maturity levels. One possibility is that the Maiden and the Ram constantly bicker with each other. A more skillful use of this energy combines effective communication with an attack plan. As a team, they can successfully launch a business, raise a family, or promote a cause. They do best together when each of them has some awareness of their own faults. Virgo must learn not let their analytical mind manifest as perfectionist criticism of their partner. Aries must restrain their tendency to make snap decisions without consulting their mate. The Ram also must learn to curb their impatience and temper.

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Are Virgo and Aries a Good Match?

When Virgo and Aries first meet, the Ram may see the Maiden’s perfectionism as a challenge. Aries seeks to prove they’re worthy of Virgo’s high standards. As the relationship progresses, they discover their similarities. Most Rams possess a high level of physical energy. They enjoy sharing active pursuits with their partner. Since Virgo has a strong interest in health, the two of them will enjoy exercising together, whether on a long hike or at the gym.

“They’re likely to disagree, however, when it comes to Aries’ daredevil tendencies. The security-loving Maiden will probably opt to stay home rather than race motorcycles or climb El Capitan.”

Virgo may also try to dissuade the Ram from activities that carry a high level of risk. However, Aries’ fearlessness can help Virgo access a side they usually suppress. Aries is unafraid to explore their own “weird” side. Maidens often have unusual interests and tastes, although they may keep this side of their personality private. As a couple, they can delve into whatever unconventional areas intrigue them. Neither of these signs shrinks from hard work. If they buy a house together, they will work side-by-side on taking care of the yard and doing any necessary maintenance. The Ram and Maiden may also enjoy learning old-fashioned practical crafts—anything from canning to woodworking.

Virgo woman / Aries man Earth Fire sign love match

Virgo and Aries Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Virgo woman / Aries man Earth Fire sign love match

One of the archetypes of Aries is the knight. A situation where they save or protect their current or prospective mate arouses their sexy and aggressive romantic side. A flexible Virgo doesn’t mind briefly taking on the role of damsel or dude in distress. Yet, most Maidens prefer a relationship of equals in the end. If Aries persists in the knight-in-shining-armor role, there’s going to be a showdown.

“Rams tend to view themselves as natural leaders. In a partnership, they may have a hard time accepting their partner as an equal companion. Fortunately, Virgo’s expert communication skills make them better equipped than some other signs to deal with this.”

Address the subject directly with your Ram mate. If they are open to discussing the issues, and then adjusting their behavior, the relationship may be strong enough to last. If they don’t listen, that might be a red flag. Another potential pitfall in this relationship is Aries’ insistence on total honesty. Most Maidens find that it often saves time and prevents trouble if they sometimes shade or adjust the truth. Although Aries may unconsciously avoid harsh truths about themselves, they become judgmental if they perceive their mate has lied to them. A Maiden in a relationship or marriage with a Ram should avoid even white lies.

Most Virgos have the sensitivity to detect when even the slightest detail is out of place. But even your Virgo superpowers may fail to reveal whether your match with Aries has longevity or not. A love compatibility and birth chart horoscope can clarify the dynamics of your Virgo and Aries match. An Everclear advisor will help you understand your options for either making your relationship succeed—or moving on to find a better partner.

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