Do Virgo and Aquarius Get Along?

See if Virgo and Aquarius are the best love match.

Virgo and Aquarius Match

Virgo woman / Aquarius man Earth Air sign romantic match

Dating and love, Virgo and Aquarius style

Virgo woman / Aquarius man Earth Air sign romantic match

Hi Virgo! Although your sun sign is represented by the Maiden, Virgos aren’t damsels and dudes in distress. In fact, this sign is hardworking and capable. You’re probably known for your keen attention to detail and analytical mind. Relationships between earth signs and air signs tend to require careful adjustments from both partners. Usually, these two elements find it difficult to understand each other. However, out of all the possible earth-air combos, Virgo and Aquarius couples have the strongest compatibility.

“Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet, easily adapts to Aquarius’ Saturn.The combo of communicative Mercury with boundary-enforcing Saturn, tends to give Virgo-Aquarius conversations a lofty tone.”

These are the two co-workers giving each other exasperated glances in the office. They’re the two mostly-sober friends at a party watching the drunk antics of everyone around them, debating who will cause the biggest scene. Virgo tends to have high standards about who they allow into their private life. Aquarius will have to be patient to enter Virgo’s inner sanctum. Once Virgo feels satisfied that Aquarius can be trusted, the romance can begin.

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Are Virgo and Aquarius a Good Match?

A Virgo and Aquarius couple never lacks for conversation. They enjoy discussing a variety of topics. If they discover a mutual interest, they’ll explore every possible angle of that topic. Both the Maiden and the Water Bearer can easily switch gears from sex to intellectual discussion and back again.

“The glue that holds these two together is not sex or romance, but their enthusiasm for shared interests. They might attend sci-fi conventions together wearing costumes.”

They might start a business together. They could become involved in voter registration, or another political cause they both believe in strongly. The excitement of joint participation in something fuels and deepens their relationship. If they decide to get married, they will make the decision pragmatically rather than engaging in sentimentality. They might discuss every angle of sharing household and child rearing responsibilities. They tend to prioritize practicality over romance, so they might postpone their wedding or wait to start a family until they’re financially stable. As parents, they will indulge their fire-sign children, encourage their air and earth-sign offspring, and be puzzled by the emotions of their water-sign children, each of who will have their own unique placements for the moon and planets in their birth chart.

Virgo woman / Aquarius man Earth Air sign love match

Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Virgo woman / Aquarius man Earth Air sign love match

Mutual appreciation and respect form the foundation of happiness for a Virgo-Aquarius couple. Both the Maiden and Water Bearer can get impatient with other people. If they apply this mindset towards each other, the relationship begins to crumble. For the match to survive, Virgo and Aquarius must learn to inspire and spur each other’s achievements. They must accept each other as equals.

“If they do break up, both partners will feel a lingering sadness. Although they’re unlikely to reunite, each of them carries a sense of loss for years. They will continue to be polite, but they won’t really be friends anymore.”

They may have lost the heart and soul of the friendship they had as a couple. As a Virgo, your keen powers of observation enable you to pick up things more than many people realize. You notice the subtle details of how people interact that signal an approaching quarrel or slowly forming romance between two of your friends. Yet your romance with Aquarius confounds you. You need to find an unbiased, yet insightful new perspective—and that’s exactly what you’ll get from an Everclear compatibility reading. A love horoscope reading helps you understand how you and your Aquarius can strengthen your connection to each other.

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