Do Taurus and Virgo Get Along?

Find out if Virgo traits are the best match for Taurus.

Taurus and Virgo Match

Taurus woman / Virgo man Earth sign romantic match

Dating and Love, Taurus and Virgo Style

Taurus woman / Virgo man Earth sign romantic match

Hi Taurus! Those born under your sun sign are blessed with a strong and steady nature. Also called the Bull, you have a tough exterior that hides a gentle heart. The Bull is ruled by beautiful Venus, a planet that increases your attractiveness and gives you a taste for the finer things in life. Not one to rush, Taurus needs time before opening up to others. Is a Taurus and Virgo connection written in the stars?

“The Bull is tied to the Second House of Possessions. You’re very reward-driven and it’s likely that you’ll accumulate wealth. Taurus is a natural collector and has a difficult time letting go of things.”

It follows that the Bull can struggle when it comes to sharing their beloved treasures. Others would be wise not to push your buttons, as Taurus is the most stubborn sign in the zodiac. It’s nearly impossible to get this fixed sign to change their mind.

Fellow earth sign Virgo shares in your love for material things. The Maiden lives meticulously and follows a carefully planned routine. Your partner has a firm idea of how things should be—those that mess with Virgo are sure to feel the sting of their sharp tongue. Although they can come across as being too rigid, Virgos act out of love. Their meticulous plans are meant to protect their loved ones.

Their astrological house is the Sixth House of Health. Your partner knows the value of keeping a steady routine to maintain well-being. When faced with challenges, Virgo will stick to their guns and go through their daily motions as usual. This gives them a reputation for being resilient.

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Are Taurus and Virgo a Good Match?

Taurus and Virgo are bound by their shared earth element. You’re both stable signs who prefer the comfort of home over risky endeavors. It’s likely that when the Bull and Maiden’s paths cross, you’ll feel at ease in each other’s presence. Although Virgo’s direct way of speaking can intimidate others, Taurus isn’t easily insulted. Your thick skin and graceful patience will allow you to appreciate Virgo’s charms and witty humor.

“As your feelings begin to grow, the two of you will find comfort in each other’s arms. Kind Virgo offers the love and dedication Taurus needs to feel at home.”

In the bedroom, the two of you can enjoy luxurious and tender sex. Be aware that the prospects of cohabitation or marriage may come up quickly. In a shared space, be careful that your beloved treasures stay organized, otherwise conflict is sure to ensue.

In times of disagreement, arguments should be resolved as quickly as possible. Both of your signs have a stubborn streak—but even Virgo cannot make Taurus budge. If neither side is willing to back down, even small issues can snowball into massive conflicts. Fighting head-on will lead to injured egos on both sides. Therefore, Virgo and Taurus couples will need to take other paths in order to reconcile.

Taurus woman / Virgo man Earth sign love match

Taurus and Virgo Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Taurus woman / Virgo man Earth sign love match

As two horoscopes with compatible personalities, there’s potential for Taurus to enjoy a loving, stable life with Virgo. Yet, there are still challenges for you to overcome. The biggest obstacle in your way is learning how to de-escalate conflict.

“As in any partnership, there will be times when Virgo and Taurus cannot see eye-to-eye. When neither side budges, disputes will be left to simmer until they finally boil over.”

Stubborn Taurus may not be able to salvage this match without help. When things get sticky with your partner, an Everclear advisor can shine a light on your your unique birth charts. Let a little astrological advice guide your way forward in a timeless match between Taurus and Virgo.

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