Do Taurus and Scorpio Get Along?

Find out if Scorpio traits are the best match for Taurus.

Taurus and Scorpio Match

Taurus woman / Scorpio man Earth Water sign romantic match

Dating and Love, Taurus and Scorpio Style

Taurus woman / Scorpio man Earth Water sign romantic match

Hi Taurus! As a fixed earth sign, you’re rock solid. When it comes to love compatibility, you move at a slow and steady pace like the rhythm of nature. Taurus is the ruler of the Second House of Possessions. Your astrological house’s influence could shape you into a stubborn collector—or a practical entrepreneur. Creature comforts and financial security are your thing. Will this characteristic make or break a match between Taurus and Scorpio?

“Scorpio could be just the person to appreciate your traits, Taurus. As an introverted water sign, they can admire your steady nature, making for peaceful zodiac compatibility.”

Just remember the phrase, “Still waters run deep.” Your partner is ruled by Pluto and comes from the Eighth House of Sex and Intimacy. The Scorpion has a reputation for intensity and dark desires. This mysterious sign has secrets bubbling well beneath the surface. Most Scorpios have a special interest in human nature and everything that comes with it: sex, gossip, and emotions. Feelings don’t scare them. The Scorpion respects edginess, and they aren’t above pushing some boundaries. As a fellow fixed sign they move with sure footed intensity toward their goals. They aren’t all bad though, just intense.

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Are Taurus and Scorpio a Good Match?

Yet intensity is precisely where you may run into problems. Scorpio wants to know all of the Bull’s dirty little secrets—Taurus doesn’t want to talk about them. Some Bulls become uncommunicative when they’re being pressed for information. For better or worse, the Scorpion probably won’t bristle at your silence. They enjoy having alone time to think.

“Since you’re fixed signs, you both have personality traits that drive you towards your goals with tenacity. Scorpio gains money and social status because it makes them feel powerful. Meanwhile, Taurus feels safe when they’re financially and socially secure.”

Together, you’ll probably have a nice house and an intimate relationship. This union probably can’t go wrong in bed. After all, saying that your signs enjoy sex is an understatement.

Energy-wise, both signs can be slow moving. Taurus and Scorpio prefer to think things through while working on a project. However, Scorpio’s brainstorming period may be too secretive for the straightforward Bull. In turn, Taurus will be expected to divulge everything, while Scorpio guards their innermost self with a lock and key. Still, you’re both blessed with understated strength and can create a united front.

Taurus woman / Scorpio man Earth Water sign love match

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Taurus woman / Scorpio man Earth Water sign love match

Taurus and Scorpio have a solid chance as a compatible couple. Of course, as in any relationship, compromise and communication are key. In particular, Taurus should take a page from their watery partner and go with the flow. Sometimes slipping by undetected can be more beneficial than holding your ground.

“In return, Scorpio should learn to open up more. While the Scorpion enjoys being mysterious, they can trust their stable partner.”

The Bull can provide support to anyone—including a spicy Scorpio. Taurus can help them mellow out at home. Just remember, there’s a lot more to astrology compatibility than sun signs. To find out about you and your lover’s unique birth charts, sign up for a personalized reading with an Everclear astrology advisor. You can discover the relationship strengths and potential pitfalls unique to Taurus-Scorpio pairs. For a happier marriage or relationship that can last a lifetime, get an expert horoscope.

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