Do Taurus and Pisces Get Along?

Find out if Pisces traits are the best match for Taurus.

Taurus and Pisces Match

Taurus woman / Pisces man Earth Water sign romantic match

Dating and Love, Taurus and Pisces Style

Taurus woman / Pisces man Earth Water sign romantic match

Hi Taurus! Symbolized by the Bull, those born under your sun sign are gentle and dependable. Beneath their tough skin, Taurus has a tender heart—but also a stubborn streak. The match between the Taurus and Pisces carries strong potential for happiness. These are two of the most romantic signs in the zodiac.

“It follows that Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet bearing the name of the goddess of love. Your horoscope is also connected to the Second House of Possessions.”

This house’s influence may manifest itself in the form of a valuable collection or a luxuriously comfortable home. Fortunately, Pisces is fine with a cozy night-in. Their connection to the Twelfth House of the Unconscious Mind means that they can spend hours daydreaming in bed.

Pisces is ruled in-part by Jupiter, planet of good fortune. Together, your ruling planets can confer an aura of joy on a Bull-Fish couple, or entice them to indulge in too much of a good thing. They may entice each other to overeat, drink too much, or overspend.

Fortunately, both signs love to nurture their partner. This can be a very healing relationship for both the Bull and Fish, as they can soothe each other’s wounds. They also encourage each other’s creative dreams. They may write each other songs and poems or paint a mural on their bedroom wall together. If they live together, their home becomes a retreat filled with art, nature, and music.

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Are Taurus and Pisces a Good Match?

For the usually phlegmatic Bull, forming a match with the Fish can feel like taking a drug. Whether it’s a beneficial medicine or a dangerous substance can depend on the individual Pisces. Bulls should choose a Fish mate with care. For better or worse, a serious romance with Pisces can have lasting effects.

“Pisces seeks to meld with their partner. They want their mate to feel the same enthusiasm they do for their hobbies and interests.”

Most Fish are naturally generous and have innate teaching skills, so they will gladly instruct their match in their areas of expertise. This could be anything from yoga to horseback riding; to painting or camping. Pisces also wants their lover to share their spiritual world. If they attend religious services, they want their partner to accompany them. If they practice meditation, they teach their partner to do the same.

Especially in the early days of their romance, the usually stubborn Bull may feel enchanted by Pisces. More than any other zodiac sign, Taurus embodies the law of inertia. Depending on their circumstances and companions, the Bull can either engage in hard work or wallow in laziness. With Pisces by their side, Taurus may be tempted to spend more time daydreaming than working. It’s also worth noting that some Fish use addiction as a substitute for spirituality. A Pisces who worships at the altar of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll may encourage their lover to follow the same path.

Taurus woman / Pisces man Earth Water sign love match

Taurus and Pisces Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Taurus woman / Pisces man Earth Water sign love match

A Bull attracted to a Pisces must look past initial physical chemistry to evaluate the long-term potential of the relationship. How do the two of you function as a couple—not just sexually and emotionally—but on many other levels? Do you and your Fish tend to balance out or reinforce each other’s flaws?

“Pisces has myriad creative talents, but many of those skills don’t easily attract money. The Fish’s dreaminess and optimism may lead them to overestimate their income and underestimate their bills.”

Unless they have highly marketable abilities or wealthy relatives, Pisces may struggle financially. They may even see the romance in being a “starving artist.” Bulls tend to be more pragmatic about money and work. A lack of funds is highly stressful for them. So, a Bull contemplating a Fish pairing should consider whether they have the earning capacity to support Pisces. Taurus is too materialistic to enjoy romantic Piscean dreams if the rent isn’t paid.

Many Pisceans exude an atmosphere of magic, especially for Taurus. When things are going well, you may feel like you’re living in a romantic dream. Yet at other times, you may wonder if you’re lost in a fog of delusion. An Everclear astrology advisor can provide clarity about your relationship. A love compatibility reading can reveal whether a long-term relationship or marriage is an attainable reality—or just a mirage.

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