Do Taurus and Leo Get Along?

Find out if Leo traits are the best match for Taurus.

Taurus and Leo Match

Taurus woman / Leo man Earth Fire sign romantic match

Dating and Love, Taurus and Leo Style

Taurus woman / Leo man Earth Fire sign romantic match

Hi Taurus! Those born under your sun sign possess the power and strength of the Bull. Yet, as a peaceful horoscope, they prefer not to use those traits to intimidate others. They also dislike it when people seek to control them. Taurus prefers a partner who can meet them as an equal. This could lead to clashes in a match between Taurus and Leo.

“The Bull and Lion both love romance—but there’s a difference. Venus-ruled Taurus wants to love and receive love in return. Sun-ruled Leo seeks someone who can revolve around them.”

If sexual chemistry brings them together, there’s a chance they won’t notice this difference during the honeymoon phase. Or, if there’s an age difference, an older Bull might gladly cater to a younger Lion. Leo likes to showcase their sense of style and go out to socialize. They want a partner who can look good on their arm. Unless strongly motivated by a special occasion, the Bull’s wardrobe consists almost entirely of comfortable clothes. If each sign is understanding of the other’s extroverted or introverted tendencies, they might find a compromise in this area.

If they both have a lot invested in making the relationship work, they might stay together. However, it won’t be the most peaceful match. The Lion might roar and the Bull might bellow in return. Still, Taurus and Leo are both fixed signs who value loyalty. Occasionally, your similarities will bring you onto the same page.

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Are Taurus and Leo a Good Match?

A successful Taurus and Leo pairing requires four essential ingredients:

a) Initial physical attraction: Neither of them sees the point of proceeding without this element. If Taurus seeks a Leo mate, they may have to improve their wardrobe for the Lion to view them as dating material.

b) Financial security: Even more than most signs, Taurus and Leo feel miserable without money. Being poor feels like their best friend dumped them. If they both work hard without any improvement in their finances, Taurus becomes discouraged. If Leo’s mate can’t provide the finer things in life, the Lion might find someone else who offers more.

c) Romance: For Leo, this means intimacy served with a healthy side order of affirmations. They want to be praised both for their looks and creative prowess. For Taurus, it means extra loving and close intimacy. They both enjoy gentle caresses after sex.

d) Shared interests: This could be a hobby they both enjoy. If they’re wealthy, they might become philanthropists—both signs are very generous (as long they don’t have to sacrifice their own necessities and favorite luxuries). If they decide to become parents, children might provide a joint focus for their attention.

Taurus woman / Leo man Earth Fire sign love match

Taurus and Leo Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Taurus woman / Leo man Earth Fire sign love match

In a Taurus and Leo match, one of the most serious disputes arises from the Lion’s tendency to flirt. The Bull seeks a secure and stable marriage. The Lion enjoys the ego-rush that comes from having new people admire them. The two of you must come to an agreement about boundaries.

“Is all flirting unacceptable? Is flirting OK, but physical touch off-limits? Is it OK to flirt with some people? Each couple can develop their own unique way of dealing with these questions.”

The rules you agree on are less important than the act of communication itself. Successfully finding and maintaining a compromise can strengthen your relationship.

It’s possible to have all the right ingredients for a good relationship, yet still feel confused. Sometimes you might feel like the partnership between you and your Lion isn’t clicking. It’s natural to feel uncertain when this happens. An Everclear zodiac compatibility reading can help you and your partner deepen your bond. A compatibility expert can clarify the way Taurus’ traits and Leo’s characteristics can combine to create long-term happiness.

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