Do Taurus and Cancer Get Along?

Find out if Cancer traits are the best match for Taurus.

Taurus and Cancer Match

Taurus woman / Cancer man Earth Water sign romantic match

Dating and Love, Taurus and Cancer Style

Taurus woman / Cancer man Earth Water sign romantic match

Hi Taurus! Those born under your sun sign are loyal and steady. Like other earth signs, Taurus is grounded and has a strong work ethic. These qualities can help the Bull accumulate wealth and comforts, something they strive for in life. Fortunately, both Taurus and Cancer are signs who want to make their partners comfortable and happy.

“The planet Venus, named for the Roman goddess of love and beauty, rules Taurus, while the Moon holds rulership over Cancer.”

Together, the Moon and Venus make a loving combination, devoted to creating a lovely and harmonious home. They might enjoy welcoming family and close friends for a delicious meal served in their beautiful garden.  These two zodiac signs are capable of hard work—but it will be up to Cancer to make sure the Bull stays motivated. Taurus has immense stamina to complete challenging tasks, but the Bull sometimes needs help getting started. Taurus might give into the principle of inertia when left to their own devices.

Unless one of them is tempted through unusual circumstances, Taurus and Cancer can rely on each other completely. Both these signs abhor disloyalty. They value their partnership and will do nothing to jeopardize it.

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Are Taurus and Cancer a Good Match?

The match between the Bull and the Crab may develop slowly. Neither of them has a proclivity for sweeping potential mates off their feet. So, they gradually get to know each other, dropping hints about shared interests. They might become long-term friends-with-benefits who later realize how much they care about each other. Or, one of them might take a risk after years of platonic friendship and inject some passion into their relationship.

“As a couple, Taurus and Cancer enjoy helping each other in a variety of practical ways. Their romance takes a huge leap forward as they get to know each other’s friends and family.”

They will discuss all the pragmatic aspects of marriage before one of them proposes. This pair can become fierce if someone provokes them, and both can hold a grudge for years. Fortunately, they bring out each other’s gentle sides. They’re more likely to calmly accommodate each other’s quirks and flaws than to quarrel. The only problem is that they might fail to notice any widening cracks in the relationship.

The non-confrontational style that the Bull and the Crab share can result in them ignoring problems until it’s too late. A Taurus and Cancer match will last longer if they both develop a habit of inspecting their relationship at regular intervals—just like inspecting a house or a car. Honest discussion will prevent the match from becoming stagnant.

Taurus woman / Cancer man Earth Water sign love match

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Taurus woman / Cancer man Earth Water sign love match

In any relationship, both partners must learn to adjust to each other’s personality traits. Cancer’s tendency to avoid potential problems can form a significant challenge in a Bull-Crab couple. You can get out in front of this problem by taking note of what kinds of situations cause your partner to withdraw. Make it clear to them that you love and support them. Try to create a safe environment where both of you can reveal your vulnerabilities.

“Taurus and Cancer have the potential to build one of the happiest relationships in the zodiac. Each of you possesses characteristics that can either hinder or help build a successful partnership. “

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