Do Taurus and Aquarius Get Along?

Find out if Aquarius traits are the best match for Taurus.

Taurus and Aquarius Match

Taurus woman / Aquarius man Earth Air sign romantic match

Dating and Love, Taurus and Aquarius Style

Taurus woman / Aquarius man Earth Air sign romantic match

Hi Taurus! Those born under your sun sign are often resource masters. You find a way to meet your needs like no other sign in the zodiac. Situated in the Second House of Possessions, you also make a great provider for others. Basically, it’s easy to spot the Taurus. They’re generally gentle, warm, and friendly—and have the best stuff they can get on their budget. Can two opposite element signs come together in a match between Taurus and Aquarius?

“The Bull is sensual and relaxed. This earth sign often makes a great lover. They view sex as a natural part of the day—as routine as brushing your teeth. Taurus’ warmth and understated sex appeal can attract almost anyone.”

After all, your ruling planet Venus bestows you with love and beauty. Even an unlikely match like Aquarius could be attracted to the Bull.

Aquarius is associated with the Eleventh House of Friendships. They’re invested in their social circles as well as humanitarian causes. Yet, they’re one of the least likely horoscopes to settle down in the conventional sense. After all, this air sign is fiercely independent. Symbolized by the Water Bearer, they’ll often shoulder responsibilities on all on their own.

Aquarians are concerned with the collective above all else. They’re willing to break rules and barriers to invoke change in their communities. Ultimately, their goal is to help others with their insight, knowledge and creativity. Due to this, they can prioritize their ideals over interpersonal relationships. Aquarius may float away from others if drama arises and emotions start to get too messy.

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Are Taurus and Aquarius a Good Match?

It won’t take long for the differences between Taurus and Aquarius to become clear. Aquarius wants to get on the megaphone at movements and marches, while Taurus would prefer to stay home and mind their own business. The Bull prefers a simple approach to life, and may be put off by Aquarius’ endless social causes.

“Although the Bull has a big tender heart, this earth sign feels most grounded within their inner circle. They may not get too deep into philosophical issues.”

Meanwhile, cerebral Aquarius might not understand how the world’s problems don’t keep Taurus up at night. (How can the Bull relax at a time like this?) The Water Bearer’s idealistic ambitions will probably conflict with Taurus’ drive for self-improvement and stability. After all, Taurus requires a sense of security above all else.

The Bull feels safest in traditional paths and relationships. Open minded Aquarius would prefer to explore every path, even the most avant-garde. They’ll often surprise (alarm) their earth sign partner with their choices in fashion, music, and company. More often than not, the Bull will be too stagnant for this mover and shaker. In return, Taurus has their eye set on marriage and may feel uneasy around the ever-evolving Aquarius.

Taurus woman / Aquarius man Earth Air sign love match

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Taurus woman / Aquarius man Earth Air sign love match

The road to Taurus and Aquarius compatibility may not be easy, but you could learn a lot from each other as a one-of-a-kind couple. Although there’s elegance in simplicity, the Bull could benefit from hearing about Aquarius’ many experiences.  In return, Taurus can remind Aquarius that taking care of their loved ones can be more impactful than global campaigns.

“To make this work, Taurus will need to get on board for Aquarius’s next adventure, and Aquarius will need to focus more energy on matters at home. As in most relationships, compromise is key.”

This is especially true for opposite element signs. Just keep in mind that there are other forces at play when it comes to astrology compatibility. For instance, your Venus and Mars signs can influence your love language. Meanwhile, Mercury may offer insight into how you communicate. You can learn more about your unique birth charts when you connect with one of Everclear’s expert astrologers. They will give insights into your personal love horoscope for a balanced, happy relationship.

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