Do Scorpio and Taurus Get Along?

See if Taurus traits are the best match for Scorpio.

Scorpio and Taurus Match

Scorpio woman / Taurus man Water Earth sign romantic match

Dating and love, Scorpio and Taurus style

Scorpio woman / Taurus man Water Earth sign romantic match

Hi Scorpio! Symbolized by the Scorpion, your sun sign is more than just its stinger. You can be dark, intense, and brooding, but you’re also fiercely loyal. Scorpio comes from the Eighth House of Sex and Intimacy. The Scorpion is deeply invested in interpersonal relationships and human nature. Meanwhile, across the zodiac cycle, Taurus sits in the Second House of Possessions. Opposing signs carry a special energy for each other. Scorpio and Taurus horoscopes have the most intense attraction-repulsion reaction of all six of the zodiac opposition pairs.

“This might be because your ruling planets are mythic lovers. Scorpio is ruled by Mars while Taurus is ruled by Venus—these two instinctively recognize each other’s significance.”

Depending on the circumstances surrounding their first encounter, they may lob subtle insults at each other, or begin flirting their way into the bedroom. Their differing dispositions can cause the Scorpion and Bull to misread each other’s signals. Taurus tends to trust people until they prove unworthy. Yet Scorpio’s intensely suspicious nature may cause them to misinterpret the Bull’s openness. The Scorpion lashes with its stinger to protect against perceived hostility, and then the Bull responds in kind. On the other hand, when Scorpio expresses their gentler, more sentimental side, once-bitten Taurus assumes they’re being sarcastic and scoffs.

A wave of powerful chemistry can carry these two over a natural distrust of each other. Sizzling encounters satisfy them long enough that they tentatively form a relationship. But when the initial intensity of infatuation fades, they may begin to suspect each other of bad intentions. It can be a constant struggle for Scorpio and Taurus to trust each other.

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Are Scorpio and Taurus a Good Match?

Lovers—for Scorpio and Taurus, sex is much more than something fun to do at home with your partner. For both these signs, sexual passion provides an essential means of deepening and strengthening their bond. To ensure that their sex life does not become stale, they may want to practice eye gazing exercises before or after sex. Or they can experiment with metaphysical practices such as tantric sex.

“Scorpio seeks control, but Taurus doesn’t play games. This dynamic can mislead the Scorpion. Scorpio may assume that Taurus is amenable to them being in charge, but the Bull only remains docile when it suits them.”

The relationship is most likely to last when, instead of underestimating the Bull, the Scorpion recognizes they have met their match—either as a partner, or a worthy opponent. Taurus is famous for their stubbornness, but Scorpio is equally implacable. If they become seriously angry at each other, they may both remain bitterly unforgiving for years or even decades. If both are seriously invested in maintaining the relationship, they should spend some time apart cooling down. An argument that’s allowed to reach its boiling point spells trouble.

Scorpio woman / Taurus man Water Earth sign love match

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Scorpio woman / Taurus man Water Earth sign love match

Scorpions often protect themselves by keeping their true feelings hidden. They develop a habit of being on high alert, ready to retaliate against potential threats. They rely on their sixth sense to tell them when to launch a preemptive strike against a foe. Unfortunately, their suspicion can become a habit, and they become susceptible to confirmation bias.

“Trusting Bulls feel skeptical about the atmosphere of wariness surrounding Scorpio. They find it difficult to trust the Scorpion. If the Bull discovers that the Scorpion has betrayed them in some way, the relationship will end.”

For a Scorpio-Taurus couple to last, these two signs will have to discuss the differences in their communication styles. What feels natural and comfortable to the Bull feels peculiar to the Scorpion and vice versa. They must talk frankly about what each of them needs to trust their partner. When you talk about your needs, you may discover that you have more in common than meets the eye. After all, both signs value one thing above all else in a relationship—loyalty from their mate. As a Scorpio, your natural intuition has guided you through many situations. Yet your relationship with Taurus may leave you feeling blindfolded and lost. Until you and your Bull learn to interpret each other’s language, the best roadmap toward relationship, friendship, or marriage harmony is a zodiac compatibility reading. Each of you is an individual whose characteristics reveal the entirety of your birth chart, including the signs and house placements of your moon and planets. An Everclear astrology advisor can provide clarity about the ways you and Taurus may antagonize each other without meaning to, and reveal the path to deeper happiness.

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