Does a Scorpio Pair Get Along?

See if two Scorpios make one perfect love match.

Scorpio and Scorpio Match

Scorpio woman / Scorpio man Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Scorpio and Scorpio style

Scorpio woman / Scorpio man Water sign romantic match

Hi Scorpio! With your cunning mind and mysterious talents, you’re on the path to great things. Those born under your sun sign have a powerful presence and big dreams. There are few things that can stand in Scorpio’s way when they have a goal in sight. Your talent for persuasion and attractiveness will help you work your way to the top. Others would be wise not to anger the Scorpion, since they’re the most vengeful sign in the Zodiac. So, how do these traits affect the Scorpio and Scorpio pair?

“Of course, all these things are also true of your Scorpio partner. You’re both blessed by the influence of two ruling planets.”

Transformative Pluto connects Scorpio with the endless cycle of life and death, while powerful Mars heightens your desires and spirited nature. Like all water horoscopes, you’re in tune with your emotions and tend to follow your heart. The astrological house of The Scorpion is the Eighth House of Sex and Intimacy. The secrets of human nature and pleasure call your name.

Scorpio’s mysterious and sensual characteristics draw others to you, so it’s common for Scorpio to have many romantic pursuits. As a sign with a jealous streak and an emotional nature, Scorpio requires devotion and loyalty from their chosen partner. So, how do these traits affect a Scorpio couple? Your greatest compatibility will be with someone who has an open mind and is willing to explore the realms of pleasure at your side. Those who look down on Scorpio’s ambitions may hurt your pride and make a nightmare out of any relationship. A fulfilling match can best be found in a non-judgemental partner with similar ideals.

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Are Scorpio and Scorpio a Good Match?

Others should tremble in fear when two ambitious Scorpios unite! Bonded by the same sun sign, two people who share a love horoscope are likely to feel an underlying connection. You may even feel that you have known your partner for a lifetime, like good friends.

“When considering your astrology compatibility, there’s a special factor at play for bonds between identical sun signs. You and your partner may find yourselves embodying the traits of neighboring signs.”

A Scorpio born in October may begin to show characteristics of diplomatic Libra. A November-born Scorpion is likely to display qualities of adventurous Sagittarius. On the other hand, your bond could also intensify your Scorpio personality traits. A fellow Scorpio is less likely to judge your methods than other signs and may help you on your conquests. Bedroom activities between two Scorpions are sure to be exciting and explorative. You can delight in shared dreams with your Scorpion and enjoy lifting each other to new heights.

Your less desirable traits may also come to light. Scorpio is a very emotional sign prone to jealousy. Betrayal is unforgivable and conflict can arise if you both attempt to compete for the same prize. As you know, Scorpio fights viciously. If arguments aren’t resolved fairly, it’s possible for the two of you to damage your relationship beyond repair.

Yet, keep in mind that your sun sign is not the only astrological influence on your character. Every person is unique with placements for the moon and all the planets in their birth chart. While sun signs reveal your core personality, moon signs reveal your inner nature. These should also be considered when assessing your love compatibility with a fellow Scorpio.

Scorpio woman / Scorpio man Water sign love match

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Scorpio woman / Scorpio man Water sign love match

It’s no simple matter to set your sights on another Scorpio. If you’re ready to win them over, know that both hard work and rewards lie ahead! Those who share sun signs don’t only share characteristics—you share a deep bond created in the stars.

“As you pursue your Scorpion, remember that a relationship will highlight not only your shared strengths, but also the weaknesses common to your horoscope. So it’s possible for two vengeful Scorpions to destroy one another.”

When two Scorpios become aggressive, the best person to call is an unbiased astrology expert. An Everclear advisor can take a deep look at the unique forces that influence you and your partner. A love reading that takes your sun sign, moon sign, and other placements into consideration can help you discover the root of Scorpio compatibility problems. Great things and tempting times are waiting for you in the arms of your Scorpio. A helping hand and the stars can help you steer your relationship or marriage on a course towards success. Achieve your ambitions and thrive in a passionate relationship between Scorpio and Scorpio!

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