Do Scorpio and Sagittarius Get Along?

Find out if Scorpio and Sagittarius are the best love match.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Match

Scorpio woman / Sagittarius man Water Fire sign romantic match

Dating and love, Scorpio and Sagittarius style

Scorpio woman / Sagittarius man Water Fire sign romantic match

Hi Scorpio! As a sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, you’re brave and passionate. Some of the Scorpion’s greatest strengths revolve around mystery, sexuality, and bonding. These personality traits make you one of the most alluring zodiac signs—especially for those who need a little spice in their life. Your astrological compatibility thrives on trust and the ability to evolve as a couple. Will these traits soar or sink in a match between Scorpio and Sagittarius?

“Scorpio is tied to the Eighth House of Sex and Intimacy. This astrological house is in charge of all life’s greatest mysteries: birth, death, relationships, and transformations.”

It follows that Scorpio is a truly unique water sign, as they recognize the value of both emotions and reason. Your mysterious allure makes it easy for you to attract mates—what’s more difficult is finding someone you have a true connection with.

Watery Scorpio is sometimes mistaken for a fire sign, but there’s no mistaking Sagittarius’ element. They embody the element of fire with their warm, free-spirited personality traits. Ruled by Jupiter, it’s no wonder that the Archer is among the most optimistic and adventurous signs. Jupiter bestows Sagittarius with a lucky, expansive mindset. These qualities are only enhanced by their connection to the Ninth House of the Higher Mind. The Archer has curiosity in their heart—along with a heavy dose of wanderlust. It’s never worth even trying to keep a Sag tethered down. Without freedom, a Sagittarius will never blossom into the person they’re truly meant to be.

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Are Scorpio and Sagittarius a Good Match?

Unless both sides of this relationship are willing to come to a compromise, this match has the potential for disaster. If given the opportunity to flourish, then these two sun signs can become a power couple. A Scorpio and Sagittarius can use their unique traits to raise each other up.

“Scorpio, your attractive aura draws others to you so strongly that you may find yourself suspicious of others. An optimistic and trustworthy Sag can help you to take a step away from your usual cynicism.”

In return, the best thing that you can offer a freedom loving fire sign is room to grow. This might be difficult at first, since Scorpios have a natural tendency towards possessiveness. However, you’re also one of the most transformative signs. Just remember that growth is always the goal, both together and as individuals. Your ability to communicate with each other will be the crowning glory in a Scorpio-Sagittarius match. The Scorpion’s intensity and passion for certain subjects can mesh well with the Archer’s unconstrained, philosophical conversation style. Plus, you’re both willing to take risks—while talking and in life. However, these two signs must build up trust and honesty before Scorpio is willing to jump into the unknown with Sag.

Relationships between a fixed water and mutable fire sign are often emotionally charged. When these two sun signs get involved, their differences are brought to the forefront. However, a willingness to work together and learn from one another will allow these two to have a beautiful union.

Scorpio woman / Sagittarius man Water Fire sign love match

Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Scorpio woman / Sagittarius man Water Fire sign love match

Growth is the name of the game in a match with these sun signs. Your emotional, yet different personalities may feel like a hindrance to a developing couple. Finding common ground together while also embracing time apart is important in their relationship or marriage. This will allow for Scorpio and Sagittarius to recognize how they can each benefit from each other.

“Setting your sights on the same thing, and finding a passion you can share will keep you on the same page.”

Though it may seem hard at first, this will allow you to share in your fervent passions and recognize what each of your strengths are worthy of appreciation. Scorpio, it may be time to put aside your pride if you are looking to seek a relationship with a Sagittarius. A relationship expert can help you to develop the love life you deserve. An experienced Everclear astrologer can explain how you and your partner can grow together, looking at your birth charts, moon signs, and unique characteristics. They can teach you to clearly convey those things that mean the most to each of you.

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