Do Scorpio and Pisces Get Along?

See if Pisces traits are the best match for Scorpio.

Scorpio and Pisces Match

Scorpio woman / Pisces man Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Scorpio and Pisces style

Scorpio woman / Pisces man Water sign romantic match

Hi Scorpio! Those born under your sun sign are known to be brave, loyal, and ambitious. Symbolized by the Scorpion, you may get a bad rap for your venomous sting. While it’s true that a Mars and Pluto ruled sign doesn’t back down, you’re also incredibly loving. This water sign is looking for a soulmate who will always have their back. Will these traits sink or swim in a match between Scorpio and Pisces?

“Scorpio-Pisces relationships often carry a quality of fatedness. Synchronicities abound in their lives and their first meeting, which might take place on a significant date.”

Depending on the individuals, they may carry out a romance of high drama—or a quiet life of mutual devotion. They may part in anger, only to return to each other many times. Or they might hold hands while celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary. These two water signs instinctively understand each other. After their first meeting, they rarely waste time pretending that they’re “just friends” or casually dating.

They both realize they’re meant to be together. In a Scorpio-Pisces match, both partners seek a mate who shares their spiritual outlook. Holding the same things sacred is an important prerequisite to emotional intimacy for them. If they belong to a traditional religion, they will attend services together. If they take a less conventional approach to spirituality, they may meditate and practice yoga side-by-side. If they have children together, they will raise their offspring to follow similar practices.

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Are Scorpio and Pisces a Good Match?

The Scorpion’s fierceness protects the relationship, while the Fish’s ideals guide it. This couple, and the family they may create, are shaped by the ideals Pisces holds. Your ability to support each other will help you both achieve your goals.

“Scorpion and Fish compatibility reaches its zenith in bed. They’re almost always on the same wavelength about how, where, and when to express their passion for each other. They both strongly value privacy, so they rarely talk about their sex life, even with their closest friends.”

It follows that few people suspect the intensity of their connection. From the outside, their union may appear corny and sentimental rather than deeply sensual. The longer this relationship or marriage lasts, the more they seemingly merge into one being. They learn to participate in each other’s hobbies. They frequently finish each other’s sentences. After a few years, they may even begin speaking as if they’re one person, saying things like “We think that . . .” This tendency to fuse together can become harmful. If either of them has an addiction, the other one may become codependent. They can lose the ability to perceive each other’s flaws, and leap to defend each other even when in the wrong. They’re liable to reinforce each other’s negative qualities rather than helping each other grow.

Scorpio woman / Pisces man Water sign love match

Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Scorpio woman / Pisces man Water sign love match

If you use your emotions to nurture yourselves and each other, then the Scorpio-Pisces match remains healthy. However, both these signs can generate a tidal wave of feelings. They may become jealous and angry towards each other. Or they might direct their anger towards a friend or family member who appears to betray their ideals. Either way, these water signs can summon a flood of emotion at a moment’s notice.

“If the Scorpion and Fish clash, they may separate in anger, only to return to each other later. Sometimes this pattern will repeat for years.”

If they become angry at a third party, the negative energy of their shared enmity can slowly drain the joy from their union. Hard-shelled Scorpio can withstand toxic environments more easily than Pisces. The sensitive Fish may become ill from swimming in poisoned waters. Alternately, Pisces might exercise self-protection by leaving the relationship. To prevent this, Scorpio and Pisces couples must engage in honest communication. Each of them needs to be honest about their own imperfections. They must also avoid falling into denial about their partner’s faults.

As a Scorpio, you’ve learned to trust your keen intuition. Even so, you may have trouble navigating through the turbulence of a double-water match. You feel a strong natural bond with your Pisces mate, yet the Fish can also seem elusive, leaving you guessing about the future of your relationship. Additional differences will also surface as the characteristics of your moon signs are revealed. Every person has unique placements for the moon and planets in their birth chart. While your sun sign shows your core personality, your moon sign reveals your inner nature. A horoscope compatibility reading can help you end the guessing game. A reading with an Everclear advisor can illuminate the facets of your partnership that seem murky and mysterious.

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