Do Scorpio and Leo Get Along?

Find out if Leo traits are the best match for Scorpio.

Scorpio and Leo Match

Scorpio woman / Leo man Water Fire sign romantic match

Dating and love, Scorpio and Leo style

Scorpio woman / Leo man Water Fire sign romantic match

Hi Scorpio! As a sign symbolized by the Scorpion and ruled by Pluto, people may find you to be intimidating. Certainly, your sun sign has a reputation for intensity, but you would prefer to call it passion. Scorpios are truly passionate, persistent, and loyal individuals. You don’t do anything by halves. Scorpios naturally exercise a subtle form of strength, but you’ll find your power magnified in a match between Scorpio and Leo. Choose another mate if you hope for a quiet and sedate life.

“As a Scorpion, you feel invigorated by challenges. That’s good, because you’re likely to encounter many as half of a Scorpio-Leo couple.”

As a pair, the two of you may exercise a great deal of authority over your chosen territory. However, you may have to let go of your preference for being in control of your partnership. You won’t win every battle against the Lion. As two intelligent signs, you and your partner can spend hours talking together. These long conversations often become the prelude to steamy intimacy. Scorpio and Leo can share strong intimate connections.

Just remember that the two of you perceive sex in different ways. Leo comes from the Fifth House of Creativity, which relates to playfulness. Scorpio, on the other hand, is tied to the Eighth House of Sex and Intimacy, a darker domain associated with death and inheritances. So for Leo, sex offers a romantic cocktail party for two, while for Scorpio, sex provides an occasion for blood vows.

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Are Scorpio and Leo a Good Match?

If circumstances put the two of you in competition with each other, Leo will likely win, especially if the contest involves popularity. Leo’s charm means they form friendships easily. Meanwhile, many people reflect Scorpio’s suspicious aura back at them. However, loyal Scorpio is actually likely to make a sacrifice for someone they love.

“The emotional intensity Scorpio brings to a romantic relationship may scare off Leo. You tend to become possessive when you fall for someone. Leo, on the other hand, prefers a lighthearted romance.”

Wait until the relationship develops a bit before suggesting the two of you get matching tattoos or adjoining burial plots. After all, water and fire signs tend to process their feelings at different rates. Scorpio is one of the zodiac signs most capable of transformation. If you let go of your urge to use your stinger, you can grow and achieve positive personal change. Leo tends to be more interested in garnering applause than in going through the hard work of metamorphosis. As a result, some Scorpio and Leo relationships end after a few years when the Scorpion outgrows the Lion.

Scorpio woman / Leo man Water Fire sign love match

Scorpio and Leo Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Scorpio woman / Leo man Water Fire sign love match

In a relationship, Scorpios tend to put less effort into their appearance. A Scorpio with a mate who satisfies them prefers to put their energy into work. Leo, on the other hand, always wants to be the belle (or beau) of every ball.

“The Lion wants to choose the perfect outfit, and of course they want their mane to look amazing. They also want to have their mate look good standing next to them.”

If a Leo’s partner doesn’t look good enough to incite envy in the Lion’s rivals, then Leo is likely to seek other playmates. Although you have a highly developed intuitive sense, your famous Scorpio psychic abilities can let you down when it comes to romance. It’s difficult to have calm, clear insights about a subject that touches your heart so deeply. Scorpio-Leo matches are often difficult to read—the two of you have so many powerful similarities, yet you differ in many ways. An Everclear zodiac compatibility and birth chart reading can help you understand your relationship or marriage more clearly. A love horoscope will show you how your Scorpio personality traits affect your partner’s Leo characteristics. A love reading can show you how to make sure you and your Leo complement each other rather than coming into conflict.

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