Do Scorpio and Cancer Get Along?

Find out if Cancer traits are the best match for Scorpio.

Scorpio and Cancer Match

Scorpio woman / Cancer man Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Scorpio and Cancer style

Scorpio woman / Cancer man Water sign romantic match

Hi Scorpio! As a mysterious yet alluring sign, you attract potential partners easily. People with your sun sign have a naturally strong sense of intuition. Even if you are not someone who believes in psychic skills, you still possess an inner awareness, guiding and occasionally warning you about people and events. You may feel a thrill of recognition, Scorpio, the first time your partner tells you about following a “hunch” or a “gut feeling.”

“Enter the Crab. Cancer is the member of the Zodiac best known for being in touch with their feelings. They often possess empathetic characteristics.”

They may get involved in projects that utilize this quality, such as animal rescue organizations and other volunteering endeavors. Even so, many Cancers tend to shield their soft hearts. They seek to protect their vulnerabilities, and only reveal their hard exteriors to most people. Similarly, those born under the Scorpion tend to guard their privacy zealously. Most Scorpios develop a precocious talent for secrecy in childhood. So, to foster intimacy in a relationship, Scorpio and Cancer must let go of their defenses. Don’t be afraid to share some of your hidden selves! Without that initial leap of faith, the two of you will never unlock the full potential of your love horoscope.

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Are Scorpio and Cancer a Good Match?

The astrological compatibility between the Scorpio and Cancer couple is undeniable. Both of you possess a vivid inner landscape shaped by emotions. Both of you have experienced confusing or conflicting feelings which can seem like an internal storm. Yet, as you and your Cancer partner bond, your emotions can create a sweet, soaring soundtrack for your relationship.

“Although you share many personality traits in common, you probably differ in significant ways. Scorpions tend to approach life with an intensity that may manifest as a strong competitive streak, driving ambition, or even a desire for revenge. On the other hand, Cancers usually prefer a gentler, more pragmatic philosophy to life.”

Your natural confidence may lead at first you to underestimate your partner. Scorpios often focus on their own warrior qualities, striving to win, whether in sports, academic achievements, or social interactions. But spending time with your Crab can teach you to appreciate different types of strength. They can help you embrace your sensitive side.

Once the Scorpio partner accepts the Crab as they are, their personality traits can make them an excellent team. Scorpio’s intensity provides the engine, while Cancer nurtures and supports, making sure the everyday comforts continue while Scorpio fights their battles.

Scorpio woman / Cancer man Water sign love match

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Scorpio woman / Cancer man Water sign love match

The natural love compatibility between your sun signs can form the basis for a successful match. Your sun sign is not the only astrological influence on your character, however. Every person is unique with placements for the moon and all the planets in their birth chart. But, since you both experience deep currents of emotion, occasional disagreements can arise.

“Conflict between Scorpio and Cancer usually involves stinging words from the Scorpion, followed by a retreat and silent treatment from the Crab. Your sun signs are both notorious for holding long grudges, so it may be difficult to restore love and trust after a quarrel.”

To save the relationship, at least one of you will have to overcome resentment. Sharing deep feelings may bond you and your Cancer partner. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming Cancer is always quiet and mild. It takes some Crabs a few years of outgrowing family and community influences to find their wild side. Even after they’ve found this aspect of themselves, there tends to be a gap between how Cancer appears in the streets versus between the sheets. Always prepare to be surprised by your partner, Scorpio. Try not to panic if you find the nuances of Cancer’s personality difficult to navigate. Sometimes, it’s difficult to discern which direction you must take to find happiness. A love, marriage, or friendship horoscope reading with an Everclear advisor can help illuminate your path, guiding you to avoid relationship missteps and the twists and turns of life events.

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