Do Sagittarius and Scorpio Get Along?

Find out if Scorpio traits are the best match for Sagittarius.

Sagittarius and Scorpio Match
Sagittarius and Scorpio Match

Sagittarius woman / Scorpio man Fire Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Sagittarius and Scorpio style

Sagittarius woman / Scorpio man Fire Water sign romantic match

Hi Sagittarius! The open road and adventures are always calling your name. Your sun sign lends you your natural passion for new discovery and overall good fortune. Ruled by exploratory Jupiter, the Archer is always seeking new opportunities. It’s common for Sagittarius to feel a constant pull towards something more. The Archer flies through life like an arrow imbued with the fiery energy of your horoscope’s element.

“The Archer’s house is the Ninth House of the Higher Mind which grants you the gifts of insight and creativity. During your adventures, you will have diverse encounters that will foster an open mind.”

Careers involving philosophy and travel will put your personality traits to good use. You can attract attention with your great sense of humor, but a nomadic Archer may feel lonely inside. To reach happiness, you will need to find a partner who can keep up. Water to your fire, intense Scorpio has caught your attention. The mysterious nature of the Scorpion is intriguing for a curious Sagittarius. Ruled by two planets, transformative Pluto connects your partner to the endless cycle of life and death. Powerful Mars gives Scorpio a passionate and sometimes aggressive edge. Scorpio presents a challenge that won’t be quick to solve.

Of the Eighth House of Sex and Intimacy, Scorpio oozes desire and passion. They have a natural tendency to delve deep into human nature. Like you, your partner gets a thrill from exploration. They’re also just as capable as you when it comes to overcoming challenges. Characteristics like persuasiveness and ambition mean they will reach their goals. If you aren’t careful, Scorpio may beat you to the top!

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Are Sagittarius and Scorpio a Good Match?

As neighboring signs in the Zodiac cycle, the Sagittarius and Scorpio couple can withstand the test of time. Just keep in mind that both of your horoscopes have a habit of getting into trouble. Sagittarius’s sense of adventure and Scorpio’s ambitions may cause the two of you to bite off more than you can chew. When dealing with business affairs, you will likely benefit from a third member with a more conservative sun sign.

“If your relationship leads to the bedroom, be ready for a wild time. Scorpio makes for a very interesting bed partner, even in casual relationships. In the heat of the moment, Sagittarius’s passion may feel like a perfect match for Scorpio’s allure. However, you should ask yourself if this is just a fleeting interest or something serious.”

If you find yourself considering something more—think carefully. Sag’s flighty personality can rub your partner the wrong way. Scorpio is ruthless when they feel betrayed and are the worst sign to make your enemy. In order to avoid a clash, make your intentions clear before beginning your romance with Scorpio. After all, a relationship or marriage with the Scorpion can be all-encompassing. Be completely sure of your dedication before diving in!

Sagittarius woman / Scorpio man Fire Water sign love match

Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Sagittarius woman / Scorpio man Fire Water sign love match

When Sagittarius and Scorpio meet, excitement is sure to follow. Despite being a water sign, Scorpio resonates with the burning passion of fire signs like yourself. Yet, your love is still a water element at heart. They feel emotion very strongly and appreciate empathy. They might hide behind a tough face, so pay attention when they seem distant.

“If you have any doubts about where you stand with Scorpio, now is the time to reach out.”

Consider consulting with an astrology advisor to find the clarity you seek. Everclear advisors are ready to help you move forward by assessing your horoscope compatibility. Your Scorpio compatibility can be revealed in a love reading and guidance session.

Race forward, Archer! Win the affection of your Scorpion and enjoy the many adventures that await the two of you. Seek advice to keep you on the right course and you may discover an exciting future ahead. Whether you’re just friends or lovers, Sagittarius and Scorpio make for a thrilling match.

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