Do Sagittarius and Aries Get Along?

Discover if Aries traits are the best match for Sagittarius.

Sagittarius and Aries Match

Sagittarius woman / Aries man Fire sign romantic match

Dating and love, Sagittarius and Aries style

Sagittarius woman / Aries man Fire sign romantic match

Hi Sagittarius! As the Archer of the zodiac, you whiz through like an arrow. Sagittarians are always up for an adventure. Fortunately, your astrological house and ruling planet ensure that your journeys usually go your way. The Ninth House of the Higher Mind lends Sag clever intellect, while Jupiter bestows good luck and opportunities. So, can two free-spirited fire signs make it work in a match between Sagittarius and Aries?

“These two signs both make up their minds fast—no mulling things over. They either feel an electric chemistry together or want nothing to do with each other.”

If there’s a spark between them, they can’t stop talking at first. Each similarity they discover excites them. The Archer and the Ram might even decide to move in together. You both love change so you might make plans to move across the country—or abroad—within a year of becoming a couple. Aries is ruled by Mars, named for the Roman god of war. Meanwhile, Jupiter represents the king of the gods. With the influence of two such aggressive deities, there’s probably not going to be much sentimentality in your union. Both the Archer and the Ram feel impatient with emotions.

Even so, Sag-Aries relationships often become lifelong partnerships. After all, you delight in each other’s company and share a sense of humor. Many couples go on to marry, have children, and grow old together. However, if the Archer and Ram have a serious fight, the rift can grow until the relationship ends. Neither sign is good at admitting when they’re in the wrong. The fiery power of their match could turn into hostility.

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Are Sagittarius and Aries a Good Match?

Sagittarius and Aries both seek adventure and excitement. They have abundant energy. They’d both rather go to a party than stay home to stream a movie. They exude confidence and enjoy meeting new people.

“You can also connect on an intellectual level. Both the Archer and the Ram also require a high level of mental stimulation. If someone bores them, they become angry and frustrated—they may even lash out in retaliation.”

Fortunately, they tend to find each other endlessly intriguing. These two zodiac signs value freedom. They’re unlikely to restrict each other in a match, making room for each partner to have separate friends and interests. Unless they belong to a more conservative social group, they may prefer an open relationship to traditional monogamy.

This partnership generates a lot of heat. The Archer and the Ram can feed off each other’s energy and try new things, even sexually. However, Aries is often too impatient to wait. You may find your partner beckoning you towards the living room floor or kitchen counter. In turn, Sagittarius loves to make their partner laugh, even in the middle of passionate interludes. The next day may find them sore from belly laughs.

Sagittarius woman / Aries man Fire sign love match

Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Sagittarius woman / Aries man Fire sign love match

Anger has the potential to destroy a Sag-Aries match. Both the Archer and the Ram are highly opinionated. Neither of them has much patience. The Ram can be aggressively tactless. They have a reputation for being argumentative, escalating disputes by finishing someone’s sentences in a polite disagreement.

“One of the archetypes for Sagittarius is the lawyer or judge (many Archers enter the law field). Judgmental Sag likes to lecture people on their failure to live up to their standards of behavior.”

Sag places a premium on honesty in others yet tends to equivocate about their own flaws. This may enrage Aries. If a Sagittarius and Aries match begins when both have mellowed with age, they might have the communication skills necessary to weather a disagreement. If they’re both young and/or immature, the partnership might not recover. The Archer and the Ram usually manage to be friends after a breakup, but it may take some time for you to reconcile.

Your relationship or marriage will flourish if each of you has a strong knowledge of yourself. Self-insight gives you a foundation for understanding how you and your Ram partner interact. The best way to see the big picture about your Sagittarius traits, your Aries’ characteristics, birth charts, and how they interact is through a horoscope compatibility reading. An Everclear expert advisor can clarify the relationship dynamic that shapes your Sag-Aries union.

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