Do Pisces and Virgo Get Along?

Find out if Virgo traits are the best match for Pisces.

Pisces and Virgo Match

Pisces woman / Virgo man Water Earth sign romantic match

Dating and love, Pisces and Virgo style

Pisces woman / Virgo man Water Earth sign romantic match

Hi Pisces, those born under your sun sign have a deep intuition and empathy. Your ruling planet, Neptune, intensifies these characteristics. Pisces’ intuition helps them to have emotionally deep relationships with other signs. Can Pisces and Virgo bridge the gap between them through understanding?

“As a water sign, Pisces are ruled by their emotions and empathy for others. They feel their emotions very deeply, which can give them a reputation for being sensitive.”

In reality the Fish are empaths, in touch with unseen forces in the world. Their ability to feel also makes Pisces selfless—you would do anything for your inner circle. Pisces’ high emotional intelligence is a touchstone in their relationships. For a Pisces to have a fulfilling love life, they must establish an emotional connection first. If the Fish doesn’t have an emotional bond with their partner, the romance will be difficult to sustain. Virgo, on the other hand, is known to be rational and practical. This earth sign is cautious, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to matters of the heart. At their core, the Maiden can be tender-hearted. They will guard themselves against the world to avoid being let down. Virgos can have difficulty with expressing their feelings. Sometimes, they don’t feel like their emotions are valid. This anxiety can make emotional expression very difficult for your partner. Fortunately, the Maiden’s ruling planet of Mercury helps them to show their love in other ways. Oftentimes, a Virgo can show they care by sharing knowledge with their love.

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Are Pisces and Virgo a Good Match?

Pisces and Virgo stand opposite from each other in the zodiac cycle. While this distance is indicative of their differences, it can also mean their strengths and weaknesses are complementary. If both signs are mature enough to look beyond the surface, Pisces and Virgo can balance each other. This can make for a compatible friendship.

“Together the Fish and Maiden represent the descent of Mercury and Venus. As a result, a Pisces-Virgo coupling has the potential for an everlasting love. Yet it also presents the largest challenges to overcome.”

It will take effort on both of your parts to move past a friendship into something more serious. Fortunately, Pisces and Virgo provide for the others’ weaknesses in their relationship. This couple best compliments each other through their communication style. Once you establish a connection, Pisces and Virgo will realize how similar they can be. Since both signs are mutable, their conversations are always flexible. You’ve found your match when it comes to idealism, so you can spend hours discussing each other’s goals and worldviews.

Of course, the initial attraction between opposite zodiac signs is also strong. These signs will most likely have a magnetic physical and sexual attraction. However, what really creates the foundation for their long lasting relationship is a mutual dedication to each other. You both devote yourselves to your loved ones, and are always willing to go the extra mile for them.

Pisces woman / Virgo man Water Earth sign love match

Pisces and Virgo Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Pisces woman / Virgo man Water Earth sign love match

The differences between the Pisces and Virgo horoscope can be epitomized by their different approaches to emotions. Pisces is in touch with not only their own emotions, but also those of people around them. On the other hand, Virgo can be in denial about the importance and validity of their own emotions.

“Fortunately, Pisces can help their partner get in touch with their inner depths. This will be a long process, yet Pisces guidance is sure and steady when it comes to the unconscious.”

Once the two of you are feeling on the same page, your connection can be otherworldly. For Pisces and Virgo to have a sustainable relationship or marriage, trust must be held by both parties. Neither one can stand a liar, so honesty is particularly important. It will take some time for both signs—especially solitary Pisces—to let their partner in completely. If your Pisces-Virgo match is currently struggling with trust, you can benefit from the astrological guidance of an Everclear advisor. The outside perspective of a psychic can help you to mediate your differences. This is the one issue that this couple often has difficulty in resolving by themselves. So, the insight of an astrological advisor who can look at your complete birth charts and provide personalized advice for your unique relationship, may be just what you need to move forward.

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