Do Pisces and Taurus Get Along?

Find out if Taurus traits are the best match for Pisces.

Pisces & Taurus Match

Pisces woman / Taurus man Water Earth sign romantic match

Dating and love, Pisces and Taurus style

Pisces woman / Taurus man Water Earth sign romantic match

Hi Pisces! Thoughtful and introspective, those born with your horoscope are blessed with a keen mind. Characteristics like your strong intuition allow you to sense things that go unnoticed by others. As the twelfth and final sign in the Zodiac cycle, Pisces has an aura of experience and patience. Also called the Fish, those with your sign are tied to the element water and are usually adaptable when problems arise. Pisces is ruled by the dreamy planet Neptune which gives your imagination and creativity a boost.

“The astrological house of the Fish is the Twelfth House of the Unconscious Mind. Pisces naturally has a strong spiritual side.”

It’s possible that you’re an Old Soul and may be able to draw on experiences from past lives. After all, it’s common for Pisces to have a talent for the mystical. Although others may seek you out for your wisdom, The Fish feels safest in the sanctuary of their own mind. Introverted Pisces prefers to observe and watch the world unfold rather than stand in the spotlight. Taurus is not a sign that will push you out of your comfort zone. Supportive and easy-going, this sun sign is happy to stay rooted in place. Although they’re slow to trust strangers, Taurus has a warm and gentle heart. The Bull is both loyal and protective, yet they approach most situations calmly and can be hard to rile up. Others are drawn to their steady presence and comforting aura.

Tied to the Second House of Possessions, your partner enjoys luxury and accumulating wealth. Like all earth horoscopes, the Bull is very reward-driven and delights in material goods. Your partner is likely to be a collector and they may have a difficult time sharing their prized treasures with others. Caution: Don’t try to force Taurus into anything. They’re the most stubborn member of the Zodiac. On account of this trait, they refuse to be rushed. Any attempt at arguing with them will be met with firm defiance.

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Are Pisces and Taurus a Good Match?

Pisces is a sun sign that may struggle to connect with others. You’re likely to be intimidated by the more outgoing members of the Zodiac. Taurus can be known to give the cold shoulder to strangers, but it should be relatively easy to open the door to friendship with them. The Bull has a supportive aura where the Fish can relax and be themselves.

“Yet watery Pisces may want to deepen the relationship before earthy Taurus is ready. The Bull can be reluctant to move forward, so Pisces must use their intuition to strike at the right time.”

Don’t be surprised if it takes a long time to lead your Bull into the bedroom for a sexual romance. But the result will be worth the wait, as Taurus makes for a loving and enduring partner.

Difficulties can arise when it comes to possessions. While The Bull pursues the collection of material goods, Pisces prefers to collect knowledge. Your partner’s treasures may spark your interest, but let the Bull handle their own affairs. The Fish may be frustrated with their partner’s refusal to try new things. Remember: Taurus is not fond of change or movement. You’ll have to put your creative mind to the test to keep the relationship exciting.

Pisces woman / Taurus man Water Earth sign love match

Pisces and Taurus Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Pisces woman / Taurus man Water Earth sign love match

Water and earth combine to make a sturdy and lasting match between your horoscopes. Pisces and Taurus compatibility is strong, but know that there may be a few roadblocks on your path. The main challenge you face will be moving forward as a couple. It’s easy to become complacent in the steady presence of Taurus, but too much comfort can eventually become stifling.

“Although Pisces is not the most ambitious of signs, you may feel that you’re missing opportunities to better yourself. Taurus is averse to change and you may find yourselves sitting on the sidelines.”

Key lifetime landmarks such as marriage, promotions, or travel may be postponed or missed entirely. Trying to pull the stubborn Bull forward against their will can leave you feeling like you’re in a relationship with a wall. In such times, it may be impossible to reach Taurus without a little outside help.

Keep in mind that your sun sign is not the only astrological influence on your character. Every person is unique with placements for the moon and all the planets in their birth chart. Know that with the right advice, even headstrong Taurus can see reason. Love horoscope experts carefully read the stars to assist matches between signs. A love reading with an Everclear advisor can enlighten the path forward for Pisces and Taurus couples. Even a previously solitary Fish can find security and comfort in the loving arms of their Bull. A supportive match is waiting for you, so follow the way forward into a lasting match between Pisces and Taurus!

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