Do Pisces and Scorpio Get Along?

Find out if Scorpio traits are the best match for Pisces.

Pisces and Scorpio Match

Pisces woman / Scorpio man Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Pisces and Scorpio style

Pisces woman / Scorpio man Water sign romantic match

Hi Pisces! You like to soak up all the dreamy experiences the world has to offer. You’re the 12th and final sign of the Zodiac. The Fish spend a lot of time reflecting on the past. Sometimes, you may find yourself lost in thought. Have you ever wondered about the compatibility between Pisces and Scorpio?

“Your intuition is your greatest strength. It’s also the thing that makes your sun sign the most misunderstood. Over time, this gift might cause you to build up protective walls.”

You may isolate yourself from others and disregard your intuition altogether. The need to hide the truth from others (and yourself) can result in you becoming a skilled actor. Your ruling planet Neptune is known for its adaptability. Like water, you can change shape depending on your environment. Your empathy allows you to carry the emotional weight of those around you. This is something Pisces don’t often get credit for. Either way, you should know by now that you notice more than the average person. Scorpio is the ruler of the 8th house in astrology. Their traits are linked to sex, death, and transformation. Whether the death is literal or not, there is still a sense that things are at risk of being taken away. Over time, this can cause a Scorpio to become skeptical of stability.

The Scorpion is always looking for something more. They can push past their comfort zones to better their circumstances in life. The Scorpion will strike quickly when new opportunities arise. What’s scarier is how quickly they can transform into a new role or way of life. Like a snake, they shed parts of themselves, adapting to different environments. These characteristics can make for a challenging relationship. Their partner could get left behind if they get stuck in old habits and viewpoints.

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Are Pisces and Scorpio a Good Match?

Pisces and Scorpio share the water element, which brings an instant sense of familiarity between the two of you. You might feel comfortable around each other right away and become friends easily. This kind of a relationship is very easy. However, you might not be different enough to keep each other’s interest.

“The Scorpion is very goal-oriented and may become annoyed with the dreamy Fish. This can also be a reckless match as both signs tend to disregard rules altogether.”

You could feel like you two live life on the edge. Basically, neither person really wants to be the responsible one. This lack of commitment can keep you from strengthening your union together. In the bedroom, Pisces and Scorpio come together in a beautiful way. The sex you two have could form an addiction of sorts. That sounds potentially dangerous. However, this might calm your urges to act out in other ways.

Essentially, things can get hot real quick. At first, this all-consuming energy will make you feel like young lovers. Everything is exciting as you two go on adventures together. You’ll both feel encouraged to learn and be creative. This fire will quickly diminish unless both of you work together. Without effort, it’s possible that your love horoscope is best suited for a love affair, not a marriage.

Pisces woman / Scorpio man Water sign love match

Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Pisces woman / Scorpio man Water sign love match

Ultimately, Pisces has a lot in common with Scorpio. This relationship can come together with little to no effort. Your love compatibility is like that of young lovers. Pisces, you can show Scorpio that life’s not all about the achievements. You know how to find stillness and rest. In turn, your Scorpion can motivate you to fulfill your dreams. This match will challenge you to live more in the driver’s seat.

“You’re going to have to show your Scorpio that you mean what you say. They may not have the patience to sort out some of your more abstract concepts. Once you open up, be prepared for deep conversations.”

Your Scorpion may want to plunge into the hidden depths that you usually swim in alone. Scorpio might seek to expose hidden things like your fears so that you overcome them. It can be easy for the Fish to overlook their good intentions. While Scorpio likes a challenge, you may see their deep dive an overstep of boundaries.

Differences will also surface as the characteristics of your moon signs are revealed. Every person has unique placements for the moon and planets in their birth chart. If you want a more personalized look at your love compatibility, get a reading with an Everclear astrologer. These experienced advisors can pinpoint where your biggest strengths are as a couple and where you’ll run into problems. With some guidance, you’ll find more confidence in your approach with your partner. After all, you want to make sure you two are dreaming up the same future.

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