Do Pisces & Sagittarius Get Along?

Find out if Sagittarius traits are the best match for Pisces.

Pisces and Sagittarius Match

Pisces woman / Sagittarius man Water Fire sign romantic match

Dating and love, Pisces and Sagittarius style

Pisces woman / Sagittarius man Water Fire sign romantic match

Hi Pisces! Symbolized by the Fish, it’s only natural that you’re a water sign. The element of water is associated with emotions in astrology so you tend to lead with your heart. This Fish is ruled by spiritual Neptune, giving Pisces a dreamy, creative energy. Thanks to some of these traits, Pisces and Sagittarius have potential for a lively and dynamic romance.

“As a mutable sign, Pisces is adaptable and likes to go with the flow. Combining the water element with a mutable sign can make Pisces hard to define. You have a deeply intuitive and empathic nature which makes it easy for you to understand others.”

As a result, it’s likely that you get along with many different kinds of people. As a Pisces, you may find life heavy or exhausting at times because of your ability to feel on such a deep level. It can be challenging to constantly be in tune with your emotions as well as the emotions of others. For this reason, Pisces tend to be escapists. You can use anything from alcohol to TV to escape from reality. Sagittarius is a fire sign. All fire signs are passionate, and the Sag horoscope is particularly passionate about learning. Symbolized by the Archer, Sagittarius whizzes like an arrow from subject to subject. They’re on a constant hunt for the truth in everything from higher education to world travel. The Archer is also one of the mutable signs, and therefore has this in common with Pisces. The Fire element combined with the mutable quality makes for an incredibly dynamic, adventure seeking personality. Fortunately, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. The planet of luck and growth protects them from taking too many misadventures.

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Are Pisces and Sagittarius a Good Match?

Friendship will be easy to build in a relationship between Pisces and Sagittarius. Despite the seemingly opposite combination of fire and water, these two sun signs have quite a bit in common. For one thing, you’re both spontaneous and creative. This will make for plenty of excitement and adventures in the early stages of a relationship. Sagittarius will be full of surprises—last minute trips and unconventional dates—and you’ll be more than willing to dive in.

“You’ll be able to talk about your dreamy, Pisces ideas with Sagittarius for hours. The Archer is a visionary, and they’ll be more than willing to wax philosophical with you about anything from love to politics to art.”

Expect plenty of impromptu, late night chats. Yet the similarities between these two signs are also what can get them into trouble. When two free spirits come together, it can be a challenge to define the relationship. As two mutable signs, you both have a tendency to be indecisive and therefore struggle with commitment. Other placements in each of your birth charts may become more prevalent, too. Further, the carefree attitude that draws you to Sagittarius may eventually rub you the wrong way. Despite your ever changing nature, you still wear your heart on your sleeve. The Archer doesn’t operate this way—Sagittarius likes to keep things light-hearted most of the time. Although they can talk for hours about big picture ideas, getting this fire sign to be vulnerable will be a challenge.

Pisces woman / Sagittarius man Water Fire sign love match

Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Pisces woman / Sagittarius man Water Fire sign love match

There’s plenty of fun to be had in the Pisces and Sagittarius dynamic, but how do these two go-with-the-flow personalities pin each other down? The Fish and the Archer have a lot to offer each other and both will need to focus on building up the relationship to make it work.

“Carve out time to talk about things like boundaries and expectations. Both of you enjoy your personal freedom, so focus on shared values if these conversations become difficult. Of course staying grounded will be challenging for this couple.”

You’ll need systems to hold each other accountable when it comes to the boring aspects of being adults, like paying bills and getting your oil changed. Setting aside time for these things will give you more space for fun, sex, and creativity together. Pisces can bring depth to Sagittarius’ fiery passion and Sagittarius can bring conviction to Pisces’ dreams. Let the Archer teach you how to use your voice with confidence, this will help bring all of those lofty ideas you have into reality Pisces. On the flip side, you can help Sagittarius soften and add heart to their visions. Just be sure to let Sagittarius’ confidence empower you rather than drown you out.

If you’re struggling to find your own voice in your marriage or relationship with a Sagittarius, connect with a vetted Everclear advisor to receive the guidance you need. As a Pisces, you have a tendency to retreat into your own mind. When you’re partnered with a strong personality, such as the Archer, it can be tempting to disappear into them instead of being your own person. An astrologer can provide you with personalized guidance to enhance your relationship without dissolving your identity.

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