Can Pisces Get Along with Another Pisces?

Discover if a Pisces couple is the perfect match.

Pisces and Pisces Match

Pisces woman / Pisces man Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Pisces and Pisces style

Pisces woman / Pisces man Water sign romantic match

Hi Pisces! Those born under your sun sign are emotional, creative, and mysterious. The Twelfth House of the Unconscious Mind bestows you with a deep intuition which alludes less observant horoscope signs. Meanwhile, Neptune imbues you with your signature imagination. Truly, the celestial Fish prefers to swim in the depths of their own mind and have a rich inner life. Can two introverted, dreamy Fish connect in a match between Pisces and Pisces?

“If two Fish feel attracted to each other, they might fulfill each other’s romantic fantasies—or they could drive over a precipice together. A Pisces plus Pisces pair has the potential to encourage each other’s dreams.”

They also can offer each other a level of emotional support that few other signs can provide. You and your partner may have an inherent understanding of the other’s sensitivity. However, there’s a thin line between dreams and delusions. Fish can trick themselves—or those around them —into believing in false ideals. Pisces’ appetite for beauty can motivate them to create works of art, or lead them into escapism and addiction.

Ironically, for a sign known for its ideals, a double Pisces relationship requires that both partners maintain a close connection with reality.  A Pisces forming a match with fellow Fish should develop strong self-awareness. It’s easy to like people who echo your own traits, so it’s a good idea to become familiar with your sign’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Are Pisces and Pisces a Good Match?

Pisces and Pisces make excellent lovers. They can easily get lost in each other, spending an entire weekend in bed, talking, listening to music, and having sex. After the weekend, they both may need to take a day off work to rest.

“Yet the long-term success of a double Pisces pairing depends on the compatibility of their dreams. If one Fish yearns for a quiet life as a veterinarian and the other dreams of attaining fame, they probably won’t last as a couple.”

But they may become friends if they share similar beliefs. If two artistically inclined Fish live together or married, their home will be beautifully—but eccentrically—decorated. They may paint the rooms unusual colors. They might have a yoga swing in the living room or a climbing wall in the dining room. They’re likely to have an entire menagerie of animals, including some not usually kept as pets. If they decide to have children, there might be some fingerpaint on the walls.

Pisces woman / Pisces man Water sign love match

Pisces and Pisces Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Pisces woman / Pisces man Water sign love match

Unless at least one of you diverges from the stereotypical traits of a Pisces, the relationship will fail. If both Fish are daydreamers without the skills or inclination to handle practical matters, they can easily go broke.

“Any two people hoping to pair up for the long-term should take an inventory of their respective abilities to make sure someone remembers to change the oil in the car and pay the bills.”

This is especially true for two Pisces. Pisces prefers to persuade other people to handle the less appealing chores for them—but if there are only two Fish living together, someone has to clean the litter box. Fortunately, people born with their sun in Pisces often have excellent intuitive skills. You probably use these abilities to guide many of your decisions. Yet even the most psychic Fish can feel confused when swimming in circles with another Pisces.

It’s difficult to feel detached enough about your partner to perceive the truth about your match—unclouded by anxiety and desire. Every person has unique placements for the moon and planets in their birth chart. While your sun sign shows your core personality, your moon sign reveals your inner nature. An Everclear zodiac compatibility reading can help you gain clarity. An astrology advisor can provide personalized advice based on you and your partner’s individual personalities and dreams. With a little extra guidance, you can grasp the elusive truth about your double Pisces pairing.

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