Do Pisces and Libra Get Along?

Find out if Libra traits are the best match for Pisces.

Pisces and Libra Match

Pisces woman / Libra man Water Air sign romantic match

Dating and love, Pisces and Libra style

Pisces woman / Libra man Water Air sign romantic match

Hi Pisces! Those born under your sun sign are among the most empathetic people in the world. They care deeply for the world around them—especially their loved ones. While they don’t open up to strangers easily, nothing means more to them than those who make it into their inner circle. Can Pisces and Libra form a deep connection for relationship compatibility?

“Out of all sun signs, Pisces are the most forgiving. This stems from the inherent wisdom that comes with being the last sign in the zodiac cycle. Additionally, their connection to the Twelfth House of the Unconscious Mind boosts their intuition.”

The Fish are able to understand people and are rarely judgemental. However, Pisces may be perceived as being a self-appointed martyr. Like other water signs, Pisces are hopeless romantics. You love to be in love. Fortunately, love is high on Libra’s list of priorities, too. Their ruling planet Venus encourages them to seek out love, pleasure, and harmonious relationships. Like you, this air sign is dedicated to the ones they love. It makes sense that Libra is from the Seventh House of Relationships. Their astrological house lends them their social and cooperative nature. Libra is also well represented by the scales. They’re always in search of balance within their lives. Libras will often play the peacemaker in their social groups as they strive for their ideals.

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Are Pisces and Libra a Good Match?

This pair understands each other really well and will make for fast friends. The best part of a Pisces and Libra friendship is that they have a joint mission to help their loved ones. This friendship emphasizes the importance of doing good within their daily lives. Naturally, you both also actively seek out peace in your relationships. While the Fish and Scales may travel down different paths in life, these friends rarely argue.

“However, your different approaches to life may throw a wrench into love compatibility. In a romantic relationship, it’s likely that Libra will try and change their partner.”

While Libra loves Pisces, they want to help them grow. The FIsh are more inclined to observe before acting, but the Scales may try to force movement before you’re ready. Although Libra is well-meaning, this pressure can be harmful to the relationship. Meanwhile, Pisces’ mysterious aura and introverted tendencies may feel incomprehensible to the Scales. You enjoy having alone time and swimming through the deep waters of your own mind. Your popular and extroverted partner may feel neglected as you take time to recharge. Libra may demand more attention than Pisces is willing to give them.

As a water and air sign couple, the differences between you will always be apparent. Luckily, these differences can be bridged through compromise. If these signs share their core values, your respective abilities to understand others should help you overcome any resentments.

Pisces woman / Libra man Water Air sign love match

Pisces and Libra Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Pisces woman / Libra man Water Air sign love match

Communication is essential in a Pisces-Libra relationship. It may be a relationship cliché, but it’s especially true for this pair of sun signs. Each partner must recognize and respect the boundaries of their partner. Regardless of the Fish and Scales’ different personalities, respect must always be maintained.

“Indeed, a Pisces-Libra couple have the tendency to try and change the other. Despite your love, it’s natural for these signs to want their partner to be a bit more like themselves.”

Be mindful of this urge and try to allow your partner to meet you in the middle. Forcing things will only drive your love away. Additionally, your horoscopes may struggle to form an emotional connection in a romantic relationship. Pisces is more emotionally in tune with themselves, while Libra prefers to frame things with logic. However, if you each flex your intuitive and diplomatic traits, you can build a bond that lasts. As you navigate this astrological match up, some outside help may be useful. One of Everclear’s astrological advisors can provide perspective. A love compatibility reading can give you the tailored insights, look at your birth chart, and provide personalized advice to thrive in your unique relationship or marriage.

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