Do Pisces and Leo
get along?

Find out if Leo traits are the best match for Pisces.

Pisces and Leo Match

Pisces woman / Leo man Water Fire sign romantic match

Dating and love, Pisces and Leo style

Pisces woman / Leo man Water Fire sign romantic match

Hi Pisces! You are blessed with strong intuition. The Fish is connected with the unseen world and is sensitive to the underlying energies around them. Oftentimes, Pisces can sense forces that other sun signs aren’t aware of. After all, you’re ruled by dreamy Neptune and tied to the Twelfth House of the unconscious mind. This trait gleans into the Pisces and Leo match compatibility.

“It’s common for those with your horoscope to feel like Old Souls. As the final zodiac sign, you certainly have stability and a sense of experience beyond your years.”

You may even feel in tune with experiences from past lives. However, since you tend to feel safest in the waters of their own mind, connecting with others can be a challenge. In many senses, The Lion is your opposite. Those with the sun sign Leo are practically glowing with exuberance. In contrast with the introverted Pisces, Leo is the definition of extraverted energy. Your Lion is influenced by the Sun and embodies many of its bright, glowing characteristics. They may have a fiery personality or have a reputation for being prideful and loyal. Leo is of the Fifth House that embodies creativity and self-expression. Fame and the spotlight tempt them—whether they choose to answer the call or not. In any case, being the center of attention probably doesn’t phase them. At the same time, your love has a big heart and can sometimes give too much of themselves away.

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Are Pisces and Leo a Good Match?

Pisces and Leo sit on nearly opposite sides of the Zodiac cycle. As far as astrological compatibility goes, there’s a large gap between this couple. No wonder the Lion’s nature is prone to clashing with many of Pisces’s traits.

“However, it’s true that opposites can attract! Like the sun on the ocean’s horizon, your sun signs have the potential to complement each other. Pisces may be drawn towards Leo’s cheerful energy. Likewise, the Lion may be intrigued by the thoughtful and mysterious Fish.”

But fair warning, you may struggle to find matching areas of interest once you begin to bond. Both Pisces and Leo will need to step out of their comfort zones. Plain and simple, a relationship between opposing forces requires a greater amount of work. There will be close calls that could easily send you both into an argument. The Lion can be needy and dramatic when things do not go their way. Meanwhile, you may feel smothered by such an outgoing partner. The two of you must keep an open line of communication for your love horoscope to pan out.

So, more solitary Pisces will have to compromise when it comes to spending quality time with their partner. In return, Leo will have to learn to leave you to your inner contemplation. If your love is stronger than the odds against you, it’s possible for Pisces and Leo to be compatible in love and friendship.

Pisces woman / Leo man Water Fire sign love match

Pisces and Leo Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Pisces woman / Leo man Water Fire sign love match

A relationship between signs of opposite elements and positions in the Zodiac requires constant maintenance. Sometimes you may even feel that it is impossible to keep your Lion happy. Yet, keep in mind that your sun sign is not the only astrological influence on your character. Every person is unique with placements for the moon and all the planets in their birth chart.

“Don’t give up in these times of trouble! Consider getting an outside perspective and expert advice. Zodiac compatibility advisors are specially trained to help navigate the many nuances in Pisces and Leo relationships.”

An Everclear advisor will assess your situation and illuminate the way forward. So if you’re unsure of where to begin, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Though there may be a lot of work ahead, a determined Pisces can match with their Leo. When living in harmony, there’s a wealth of strengths and talents between the two of you. You have a lot to gain from one another! The Lion can benefit from your more rational and spiritual approach to life. In exchange, you can find inspiration and encouragement in your loving Leo. If you’re willing to make sacrifices for love, it is possible to have a future together. With a little guidance, you’ll be able to experience the many joys of a fire and water relationship or marriage.

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