Do Pisces & Capricorn Get Along?

Find out if Capricorn traits are the best match for Pisces.

Pisces and Capricorn Match

Pisces woman / Capricorn man Water Earth sign romantic match

Dating and love, Pisces and Capricorn style

Pisces woman / Capricorn man Water Earth sign romantic match

Hi Pisces! Those born under your sun sign long to follow their dreams. Your ruling planet Neptune fuels your dreamy, idealistic, and creative nature. Yet bringing your ideals into reality requires practicality—not one of your strengths. Fortunately, Capricorn has a talent for finding practical resources. Pisces and Capricorn relationships often begin with the Goat coming in to save the day.

“Capricorn is ruled by pragmatic Saturn. Saturn’s influence means Caps are known for discipline and caution. In most romantic matters, they move slowly. However, optimism takes over when the Goat meets the Fish.”

Capricorn behaves with uncharacteristic quickness, falling for Pisces with lightning speed. Cap will also go out of their way to aid Pisces, clearing the way to romance by extricating the Fish from difficult situations. This can mean Capricorn provides the practical resources for Pisces’ far-ranging imagination. Capricorn may save Pisces from a legal or financial dilemma. What Pisces gives in return is less tangible. The Fish can help the Goat relax. You may help your overworked partner regain a sense of beauty and enchantment.

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Are Pisces and Capricorn a Good Match?

How well these two get along depends on what kind of dreams motivate the Fish. A Pisces who longs to sit under a tree and write poetry will not impress the Goat—Capricorn horoscope doesn’t have patience for daydreamers. However, a Fish whose strives to climb mountains—real or metaphorical—will have the kind of strength that earns Cap’s approval.

“In turn, Capricorn must exhibit some gentleness for this relationship to work. A Goat who embodies the negative stereotype of their sign (greedy and pessimistic) won’t appeal to the Fish.”

As friends, Pisces and Capricorn encourage each other. You’re different enough that you probably won’t feel the need to compete. As your relationship develops, each of you will gain an expanded awareness of your own talents. These two can also reveal new worlds to each other when it comes to intimacy. Pisces shows Cap how to expand their awareness through deep emotional connection with a partner. Capricorn’s steady loyalty enables Pisces to open up and be comfortable in their own skin. If these signs decide to get married or raise children together, they can make excellent co-parents. Capricorn teaches their offspring a wide range of practical skills and helps them get started in their careers. Meanwhile, Pisces encourages the children’s creative talents and is deeply attuned to their emotional needs.

Pisces woman / Capricorn man Water Earth sign love match

Pisces and Capricorn Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Pisces woman / Capricorn man Water Earth sign love match

Pisces and Capricorn relationships work best if both the Fish and the Goat have some prior romantic experience. If this couple represents a first love for either of them, they may lack the self-knowledge that comes from romantic experience.

“Ideally, this couple should each be aware of their own flaws. Without that awareness, they can each get stuck in a pattern of believing everything is the other person’s fault.”

Pisces begins to blame Cap for not being more Fish-like, while Capricorn resents Pisces’ lack of earthen traits. Additionally, Capricorn may fail to notice the Fish’s romantic gestures. The Goat may even start demanding things from Pisces. If Capricorn starts acting like a boss rather than an appreciative mate, Pisces may start to fall out of love. Yet if your partner apologizes and seeks to restore balance, then your relationship can be saved. After all, Pisces tend to forgive easily. The Fish should never choose a mate incapable of apologizing.

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