Do Pisces and Cancer Get Along?

Find out if Cancer traits are the best match for Pisces.

Pisces and Cancer Match

Pisces woman / Cancer man Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Pisces and Cancer style

Pisces woman / Cancer man Water sign romantic match

Hi Pisces! Those born under your sun sign are blessed with strong intuition. The Fish is connected with the unseen world and is sensitive to the underlying forces around them. Tied to the Twelfth House of the unconscious mind, Pisces can often sense subtle changes in the people close to them. This is a valuable trait when looking at the Pisces and Cancer compatibility.

“The Fish is ruled by dreamy Neptune and associated with the power of the unconscious. It’s common for Pisces to have an interest in the mystical. As the final sign in the Zodiac, you have stability and a sense of experience.”

As a water sign, you probably feel safest in the depths of your own mind, so connecting with others can be a challenge. But rest assured, Pisces, you’ve found yourself a match who is understanding of your introverted tendencies. Cancer is the sun sign best known for being most in touch with their feelings. They’re loyal to their friends and family and savor stability. It’s common for the Crab to have an interest in history and to pursue knowledge about their heritage. After all, their house is the Fourth House of foundations.

Your love is a steady presence and prefers stability over constant change. If they choose to confide in you, you’ll find that Cancer is a good source of emotional guidance. While it can be difficult to puzzle them out at times, they’ll usually have good intentions at heart. The Crab is quick to offer a shoulder to cry on and they’re a good person to turn to when you need support.

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Are Pisces and Cancer a Good Match?

Pisces and Cancer horoscopes both have a depth to their souls that other signs may get lost in. The vast mind of the Fish mirrors the deep emotions of the Crab—and you also share the tendency to be introverted. While you may find peace in the solitude of your thoughts, your partner may feel most secure within a small social circle.

“While these similar characteristics may draw you to each other, nothing will progress unless one of you reaches out. The first step towards establishing a bond may be the most difficult in your relationship.”

If you can overcome the initial hurdle of connecting with your Crab, you’ll discover a wealth of shared personality traits and interests. Sounds great! But how do you begin? Trust your Crab and slowly let them into your mind and heart in order to build a lasting friendship. In turn, when you respect Cancer’s boundaries they’ll welcome you into their inner circle. Just keep in mind, if one sign isn’t willing to open up, a budding romance can easily dissolve back into friendship. Try your best not to lose touch with each other. You will both need to come out of your shells in order to deepen your relationship.

When deciding if it’s best to pursue romance, Pisces must trust their strong instinct. If you ignore your gut feeling, misunderstandings could pile up between you. While Pisces and Cancer are usually not signs fond of confrontation, there’s potential for conflict. A serious lack in communication could seal the fate for Pisces and Cancer compatibility.

Pisces woman / Cancer man Water sign love match

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Pisces woman / Cancer man Water sign love match

A match between a Pisces and Cancer can be hard to form but lead to a lifelong friendship. Yet, while the two of you may be fast friends, a romantic relationship or marriage can be harder to maintain. Take your time and build a sustainable connection. Your future may hold deep conversations and a powerful emotional bond!

“Pisces and Cancer will weather emotional and spiritual turbulence easier than other signs. However, your overlapping strengths may lead to a deficit of other qualities. There will be challenges that the two of you may not be able to overcome on your own. In times of turmoil, the best way forward is to seek guidance.”

Everclear astrologers are uniquely trained to help couples find balance. An advisor is ready to help, whether you’re struggling to connect or are experiencing relationship problems. A guidance session and love compatibility reading will shine a light on your unique circumstances and show you the path forward. Placements in each of your birth charts may become prevalent and shine a new light. If you treasure your Crab, do not hesitate to reach out. With a little help, the two of you can savor calm waters together. Your future as a couple awaits, Pisces and Cancer!

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