Do Libra and Virgo Get Along?

Find out if Libra and Virgo are the best love match.

Libra and Virgo Match

Libra woman / Virgo man Air Earth sign romantic match

Dating and love, Libra and Virgo style

Libra woman / Virgo man Air Earth sign romantic match

Hi Libra! Those born under your sun sign tend to be charming, romantic, and fair. It makes sense that the Scales of the zodiac are concerned with balance and equality. This theme carries throughout the different aspects of a Libra’s life, including love and friendship. In fact, an equal love is especially important to this sign. After all, they come from the Seventh House of Relationships. Air signs and earth signs typically don’t make a great match—but that doesn’t mean Libra and Virgo horoscopes can’t attain a happily ever after.

“Let’s look at the potential of your particular Libra-Virgo match. As a Libra, you are ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty. Virgo’s rulership belongs to Mercury, planet of communications.”

If you and some lucky Virgo create a relationship in which the two of you discuss Venus-y topics, your romance might well endure. Does your Virgo have what it takes to match with you? Let’s be honest, Libra—you sort of resent it when people are unattractive. When you’re having a bad day, you almost take it personally when the people you encounter have the nerve to look plain. Does the Virgo who caught your eye possess enough physical beauty for you to stay interested in them for more than a few days? How badly do they look on a bad hair day? Next, how well do the two of you communicate? As much as you adore beautiful people, you know you get bored when someone can’t string together two or three interesting sentences at a time. If the Virgo you’re considering as match material is attractive enough and sufficiently articulate, then a relationship between this couple might have potential.

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Are Libra and Virgo a Good Match?

People born under your zodiac sign, are notoriously indecisive. What most other signs don’t realize is that this trait is a result of your tendency to consider every possibility. Virgo’s stability can help keep you from spinning off into worry as you debate which choice is best.

“Despite their breezy personalities, Libras also have a reputation for being control freaks. After all, as the Scales, you possess a unique awareness of which option is most balanced and harmonious.”

So who better to tell people what to do? Your natural diplomacy prevents most people from perceiving how you secretly pull the strings. The good news about your Virgo match? Most of the time, Virgo will gladly follow your lead. You won’t have to face any hidden battles for control like you do with some signs. Also, Virgo shares your concern for taking care of business and getting things done. The bad news—Virgo may irritate you with an attention for details that you perceive as irrelevant.

You may have to teach your Virgo to appreciate the things you enjoy, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. Point out the finer points of the paintings or other art you enjoy to help the Maiden admire the same things you do. You might also have to give your Virgo some guidance to help them stand by your side at social events. Your Virgo probably lacks your ability to charm others, but most Virgos learn new skills quickly, especially when seeking to please their partner.

Libra woman / Virgo man Air Earth sign love match

Libra and Virgo Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Libra woman / Virgo man Air Earth sign love match

Mutual respect forms the basis of lasting Libra-Virgo relationships. Libra has to remember that Virgo’s introversion and eagerness to please doesn’t mean that the Maiden is weak or unintelligent. Libras are proud of their ability to charm others and their ability to create a beautiful environment. If these talents are the Scales’ special skills, then the Maiden’s superpowers stem from observation. Ask your Virgo what they noticed during a social event. You may be surprised at the small but telling details Virgo picked up on that you missed.

“If you want your match to endure, be sure to give Maiden credit for the uniquely Virgo-esque qualities they possess.”

Because Virgo enjoys learning, they will frequently be willing to follow your advice and do things your way—but when they resist, respect their boundaries. Give your Virgo time to enjoy solitude while you attend some social events solo. You and your partner embody certain personality traits which exemplify your sun signs. However, each of you is also an individual whose characteristics reveal the entirety of your birth chart, including the signs and house placements of your Moon, Venus, and Mercury. An Everclear compatibility reading can help you learn how astrology influences you and your match in all your interactions—mental, emotional, and physical.

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