Do Libra and Taurus Get Along?

Find out if Libra and Taurus are the best love match.

Libra and Taurus Match

Libra woman / Taurus man Air Earth sign romantic match

Dating and love, Libra and Taurus style

Libra woman / Taurus man Air Earth sign romantic match

Hi Libra! Represented by the Scales, your sun sign horoscope is all about balance. Their charming personality is a welcome addition to any group. As a member of the Seventh House of Relationships, the Scales are particularly adept at maneuvering group dynamics. Their ability to fit in, reputation for fairness, and stylish good looks mean that Libra is usually popular. Will they find favor in an opposites attract match like Libra and Taurus?

“Venus rules the Scales and Bull, bestowing both signs with a love of beauty. Their fondness for the finer things in life can unite these two signs, either as friends or lovers.”

They both delight in a day of shopping or visiting art museums, followed by a gourmet meal. However, since Taurus is an earth sign and Libra belongs to the element of air, they pay tribute to Venus in vastly different ways. Libra carefully curates all the objects in their home, reveling in choosing exquisite art and well-crafted furniture. They delight in surrounding themselves with grace and refinement. Their sense of elegance is offended by things (and people) who are plain or ugly. They’re especially picky about beauty in their choice of partners. If Libra meets an attractive Bull, they’re easily smitten, especially since Taurus shares their enthusiasm for art, wine, and fine foods. The Bull, in return, feels impressed by Libra’s talents and intelligence.

Taurus tends to be earthy. They don’t mind getting dirt beneath their nails and may be careless about their grooming. Taurus heaves a sigh of relief when a party is cancelled—they’re glad to relax at home wearing sweatpants. Eventually, Libra may grow bored with the Bull’s homebody tendencies. Or Taurus may start to find the Scales a bit pretentious. Whether their similarities can keep them together depends on the couple.

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Are Libra and Taurus a Good Match?

During the first phase of a Libra-Taurus relationship, they seem to float together in a bubble of beauty and happiness. They enjoy buying each other small, but lovely objects as gifts. They share romantic candlelight dinners and go for walks in beautiful gardens. They feel enraptured by each other’s company. Libra finds the Bull’s candid honesty refreshing. In return, the Bull admires the Scales’ sophistication.

“After a while, the infatuation might fade and their differences loom larger. Libra starts to view the Bull’s earthy passion as a bit messy. Libra may begin to give Taurus advice—first on how to dress and then on how to behave with greater decorum at parties.”

The Bull will resent being told what to do. After all, this sign is infamous for their stubborn nature. If both partners want to make the relationship last and eventually lead to marriage or a lifetime partnership, they must talk about their differences, and find some method of compromise. Maybe the Scales become a little bit more earthy while Taurus tries to take on more Libran traits. Or perhaps they opt for more solo activities, with each partner giving the other space to enjoy their preferred pastimes.

Libra woman / Taurus man Air Earth sign love match

Libra and Taurus Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Libra woman / Taurus man Air Earth sign love match

One difference Libra and Taurus may not be able to solve as easily is their disparate ideas about intimacy. Libra enjoys sex, but places more emphasis on partnership. To Libra, life is a network of social interactions. Meanwhile, sex provides the emotional center of the relationship for Taurus.

“Since Libra doesn’t invest as much emotion into the physical side of the relationship, they may not understand Taurus’ insistence on fidelity. For Libra, sex simply another facet of interacting with people.”

They might meet an ex for drinks, and enjoy laughing and talking, then simply move the conversation into the bedroom. To the Scales, this is not a betrayal as long as they don’t speak disrespectfully about their mate. In a relationship with a fellow air sign, this kind of detachment may seem logical. Yet an earth sign has a different set of emotional and physical priorities. Mixed element pairings such as Libra-Taurus require more adjustments. Stubborn Taurus is unlikely to budge on this point, so Libra must decide whether to exercise their flexibility or give up on the match.

As a Libra, you’re an expert at using your diplomatic skills to resolve most conflicts. Yet the Bull’s stubbornness means your conciliatory talents rarely work with them. An Everclear astrology advisor can help you decide whether this match can achieve long-term success. A zodiac compatibility reading will help you look at the entirety of your birth chart and understand how to achieve balance and harmony in your match with Taurus.

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