Does Libra Get Along With Another Libra?

Find out if two Libras make one perfect love match.

Libra and Libra Match

Libra woman / Libra man Air sign romantic match

Dating and love, Libra and Libra style

Libra woman / Libra man Air sign romantic match

Hi Libra! Symbolized by the Scales, your sun sign’s ethos is rooted in justice, equality, and truth. These core values make for a sign that is particularly good at building and maintaining friendships and partnerships. When Libra and Libra come together, it’s the unification or two hopeless romantics. If this couple can stay grounded, they’re capable of building a beautiful and balanced match.

“As a Libra, you’re perhaps the most emotionally intelligent of all the signs. You can easily read others and make them feel understood.”

It’s a common misunderstanding that Libra horoscopes are excessively emotional—as one of the air signs you’re actually more likely to lead with your head than your heart. You’re especially skilled at putting your own emotions aside when others come to you for counsel.

As one of the cardinal signs, Libra is also an initiator. You’re not necessarily decisive because of your floaty, air energy. However, if something needs to get done, you’ll be the first to volunteer and get your hands dirty. Ruled by Venus, you’re romantic and you tend to seek out things that are aesthetically pleasing. This may manifest in many different ways—artistic endeavors, an affinity for home decor, or a love of fashion. Libra will always find a way to surround themselves and those that they care about with beauty and love.

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Are Libra and Libra a Good Match?

You’re naturally oriented toward building partnerships, so any connection between Libra and Libra is likely to blossom quickly. You’re both compassionate and understanding souls. It should be a breeze to keep the conversation going as you’re getting to know each other.

“That being said, this romantic partnership might bud a little too fast. Libras tend to overextend themselves, and can lose their sense of individuality in a relationship.”

Resist the temptation to merge! Both parties will have to be diligent in maintaining their own lives outside of the relationship. Libra also has a tendency to be indecisive. This is mainly because you’re always trying to please everyone before making a decision, but it’s not always possible to make everyone happy. This couple will need to watch out for indecisive stalemates that may lead to passive aggressive resentments.

Luckily, two Libras will have plenty in common to build a foundation upon. Libra strongly values empathy, connection, and being a good listener. These shared values will equip you to build a deep and healthy connection. Being around someone who is equally good at validating and listening as you are is likely an uncommon experience for you. Soak in the Libra magic that’s being reflected back at you.

Libra woman / Libra man Air sign love match

Libra and Libra Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Libra woman / Libra man Air sign love match

Learning to build boundaries will be the greatest challenge in a Libra and Libra romance. When two givers come together, it can be difficult to adjust. You’re used to playing the role of caretaker or therapist for your friends and partner. It can be hard to know what to do when paired up with a fellow Libra who is used to playing the same part.

“Try to rely on your air sign intellect. You’re both great communicators and can talk through any rough patch as long as one of you is willing to start the conversations.”

Of course, your Libra partner will probably encourage you to put your needs first. This can be awkward—imagine two people trying to hold a door for each other. Learning to balance give and take is something you’ll have to work on together. It can be incredibly healing for two people pleasers to come together and learn balance. Yet, keep in mind that your sun sign is not the only astrological influence on your character. Every person is unique with placements for the moon and all the planets in their birth chart. Just remember to maintain your own life and identity—it’s critical to the health of your relationship or marriage. If you’re struggling to maintain your independence in your relationship with a fellow Libra, connect with an astrology advisor from Everclear to receive the life guidance you need.

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