Do Libra and Leo Get Along?

Find out if Libra and Leo are the best love match.

Libra and Leo Match

Libra woman / Leo man Air Fire sign romantic match

Dating and love, Libra and Leo style

Libra woman / Leo man Air Fire sign romantic match

Hi Libra! As a member of the Seventh House of Relationships, you might think about love a lot. However, that doesn’t mean Libras are total air heads. In fact, the Scales apply their intelligence to matters of equality and diplomacy. You want things to be fair for everyone, from your friends to your lovers. Still, at the end of the day, Libra wants to feel balanced out by their other half. Can you find romantic harmony in a match between Libra and Leo?

“Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, named for the goddess of love and beauty. Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun and Venus combo can make you a dazzling pair. You both appreciate elegance and have a taste for socializing.”

If you share an abode, you’ll decorate with an eye toward entertaining. You instinctively know which corner of your home offers the best lighting for photos. Libra and Leo are probably the two most charming signs in the zodiac. Leo can seem like a charismatic force of nature. Meanwhile, you know how to apply small touches of graciousness—bestowing the perfect compliment or gift to melt the resistance of people who were prepared to dislike you. If you and your Lion join forces to pursue a mutual goal, you’re likely to achieve success. The two of you can naturally balance each other’s flaws. Leo’s abundant confidence can help you feel more self-assured, and less prone to bouts of indecisiveness. When Leo’s ego causes the Lion to insist on having their way in everything, your natural diplomacy helps restore balance.

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Are Libra and Leo a Good Match?

Will you bring out the best or the worst in each other? Detractors of Libra and Leo might claim you’re both a bit shallow, obsessed with appearances and social climbing. On the other hand, your admirers point out that Leo can bring joy and warmth to a gathering, while Libra can establish loving friendships with a wide range of people. You’re both capable of kindness and generosity.

“A Libra and Leo relationship is most likely to achieve longevity when your match amplifies your best traits. You might want to become involved together in a charitable group focused on helping people struggling with poverty and hunger.”

Doing something like working in a soup kitchen together not only enables you to aid others, but permits the two of you to feel like secret superheroes. Both of you delight in romantic gestures and gifts. Neither of you wants your connection to become dreary and mired in everyday problems. Even if you get married and remain together into your senior years, you want at least one day a month to feel magical, with a romantic date and sexual intimacy—and no discussion of budgets or housework. Some days, instead of the air of Libra feeding the fire of Leo, your two elements conflict with each other. Leo’s dramatic flair sometimes appears corny to Libra. In turn, the Scales’ predilection for intellectual pursuits seems chilly and pretentious to the Lion. If you want the relationship to endure, hold onto what you love about each other, even on the most irritating of days.

Libra woman / Leo man Air Fire sign love match

Libra and Leo Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Libra woman / Leo man Air Fire sign love match

Trust may become an ongoing issue in a Libra-Leo match. Both of you seek admiration from others. Yet you may feel threatened if too many attractive people gather around your partner.

“Leo and Libra are most likely to settle down together after each of you has sowed some wild oats. If you want a monogamous relationship, you’ll have to engage in an honest discussion about how much each of you enjoys flirting.”

Both of you experience a bit of ego gratification from using your charm and good looks to seduce other people. You’ll have to decide how to set the limits and boundaries of your relationship. A long-term relationship can feel a bit like an intricate dance. Sometimes the steps come to you naturally, and the two of you find a shared rhythm. At other times, you feel uncertain, as if each of you is tripping over your own two feet and colliding into each other rather than forming a graceful pas de deux.

Don’t give up too soon! If you’ve ever seen a happy older couple holding hands as they walk together, you know it’s possible for two people to remain in harmony for decades. An Everclear zodiac compatibility expert can help you and your partner regain a sense of that shared rhythm that you experienced when you first met. Or, in some cases, a love horoscope and birth chart reading can advise you on when a new and better partnership is on the horizon.

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