Do Libra and Cancer Get Along?

Find out if Cancer traits are the best match for Libra.

Libra and Cancer Match

Libra woman / Cancer man Air Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Libra and Cancer style

Libra woman / Cancer man Air Water sign romantic match

Hi Libra! Your sign belongs to the element of air. You’re probably most aware of this when you make decisions—the Scales balancing in the breeze as you weigh your options. Being an air sign also means the connections you build with other people require a foundation of words. Can a cerebral air sign and emotional water sign make it work in a match between Libra and Cancer?

“With Venus as your ruling planet, you value beauty in your surroundings and your companions. Libras are even known to put up with friends who aren’t nice people—if they’ve won the genetic lottery or dress with style.”

On the other hand, they sometimes feel bad that they can’t abide by the adage, “Beauty only runs skin deep.” The Scales are tied to the Seventh House of Relationships. This connection enables Libra to perceive life as an interconnected web, including friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. Having a suitable partner is probably a priority for you, since they will stand beside you in this vast web. Meanwhile, Moon-ruled Cancer has a natural connection to the Fourth House of Foundations. This astrological house pertains to home, family, and traditions. In turn, most Cancers have little interest in being a social butterfly like Libra. Libra and Cancer don’t usually have a strong zodiac compatibility. However, your sun signs represent only a portion of your astrological birth chart. While sun signs are important, it’s equally important to remember that every individual has unique placements. So, there’s a chance you and your Cancer have enough in common to build a successful relationship or marriage.

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Are Libra and Cancer a Good Match?

You know your own susceptibility to physical beauty, Libra. If you meet an attractive Cancer, you might find yourself falling for them. Cancer is unlikely to offend your finely honed social sensibilities by rocking the boat in a social or business setting. Your inner diplomat feels pleased with them.

“You and Cancer might click as co-workers or roommates. Cancer loves to create spaces which feel like secure, comfortable retreats. Similarly, you love to adorn your living and working environments with art, color, and beauty.”

As long as you have similar tastes, the Scales and Crab can enjoy a comfortable, stylish space together. Initially, everything might seem like smooth sailing between you and your Cancer match. In fact, things might appear to be going smoothly right up until one of you explodes. This is because both Cancer and Libra tend to avoid confrontations. If one of you feels slighted, it’s unlikely that you’ll choose to express your anger openly. Cancer tends to leak anger through passive aggression. Meanwhile, Libra seeks to manipulate people. Eventually, these avoidance techniques will fail, resulting in an argument.

A rift between these signs can take a long time to heal. Cancer is a world champion grudge holder. Libra also has a tendency to hold onto animosity for long periods of time—especially if you believe someone has treated you unfairly. The relationship might end after the first disagreement if neither of you makes the first move toward reconciliation.

Libra woman / Cancer man Air Water sign love match

Libra and Cancer Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Libra woman / Cancer man Air Water sign love match

As a Libra, you prefer to translate your emotions into intellectual perceptions. Since you view emotions solely as the raw material for more cerebral observations, you may not understand people who dwell on their feelings. However, Cancer uses emotional discussions to deepen their connection with their partner.

“For a Libra-Cancer relationship to last, both parties must acknowledge the negative side of their own personality traits. The Scales and Crab both need to learn tolerance, acceptance, and forgiveness.”

Libra must forgo their tendency to snap at people in impatience. Cancer must learn to trust their partner enough not to withdraw when they feel hurt. Both partners must be willing to be vulnerable to each other. Both of your sun signs value harmony and peace. If the two of you can recognize that occasional differences of opinion are inevitable, and can be addressed honestly, your relationship might last—or transform from romance to friendship.

Remember, you can still benefit from a connection with one another in a relationship that requires less commitment—friendship, mentorship, etc. The symbol for your sign is about seeking balance. As the Scales, you seek the perfect balance between peace and beauty in romantic and sexual relationships. Yet love compatibility may be elusive if this couple encounters miscommunications and misunderstandings. A love horoscope reading with an Everclear advisor can help you grasp the underlying personality dynamics shaping your relationship or marriage. Making the right decision in choosing a partner is one of life’s major turning points—let a compatibility expert help you make the right choice.

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