Do Libra and Aries Get Along?

Find out if Aries traits are the best match for Libra.

Libra and Aries Match

Libra woman / Aries man Air Fire sign romantic match

Dating and love, Libra and Aries style

Libra woman / Aries man Air Fire sign romantic match

Hi Libra! Your sun sign never passes up a red carpet moment. Libra’s ruling planet Venus allows you to reflect the beauty in the world around you. Most see you as the astrological muse, an effortless work of art whose life is hard not to be envious of. However, you know first hand that looking effortless is way harder than anyone gives you credit for. You’ll do well with a partner that doesn’t rush you in this process. Will you find your other half in a match between Libra and Aries?

“There’s a real humanitarian in you. The Scales, like the French, will take to the streets when a cause is unjust. If there’s one area of your psyche that is truly unmatched, it’s your desire to promote fairness.”

You may even act as the karmic sword, waiting until just the right moment to put people’s views in check. However, as passionate as you can be for other people’s rights, you may have trouble communicating your own wants and needs. An Aries partner will have a very straightforward approach to life. As a fire sign, they look for honesty and act on their instincts.

They won’t hesitate to voice how they feel about something—and they’re not always easy to work with. Aries is ruled by Mars, so small tiffs have the potential to escalate into a full blown conflict. Aries tries to be first in everything they do. Not one to sit still, they live for the spontaneous encounters that each day has to offer. Their childlike disposition keeps things fun and innocent, but can make it hard to approach matters responsibly. This can be draining for you, as an Aries partner is likely to put their needs first, time after time.

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Are Libra and Aries a Good Match?

Aries might be the one person who can keep up with a Libra’s expansive social circle of friends and acquaintances. As far as compatibility goes, you can make a solid astrological match. After all, Aries’ Mars represents the masculine and Libra’s Venus corresponds with femininity. However, this doesn’t always play out in the relationship literally. Instead, your planets balance each other out—much like the mythic lovers they represent.

“Your sign falls directly opposite of Aries, which isn’t a bad thing in astrology. Opposition promotes a palpable curiosity since both parties approach life in very different ways. People are often attracted to traits that they can’t express themselves.”

However, this also means that Libra and Aries horoscopes have a lot of distance to cross before they can find common ground. Good thing Aries likes a challenge. Romance between the Scales and Ram can take off quickly if you let it. You’re both cardinal signs, so you like to keep things moving. Yet sustaining a relationship will take more commitment from both sides. Compromises can be hard with a sign that’s known to be selfish. Fortunately, Aries can calm down just as quickly as they get fired up. Just be sure to let your partner know when they’re moving too fast.

Libra woman / Aries man Air Fire sign love match

Libra and Aries Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Libra woman / Aries man Air Fire sign love match

Aries’ childlike curiosity is partnered well with flirtatious Libra. You’ll have your work cut out for you in showing an Aries partner how to compromise, something they don’t typically have patience for. However, your bond will be mutually beneficial if you can learn from each other.

“Air and fire matches tend keep the sex life alive and well, but keep in mind that it will be a constant need for Aries.”

Fire signs tend to embrace physicality while air elements use their words to express their love. Don’t be afraid to express your needs for intimacy. The Ram will probably be more than willing to help get you going. If you want a more personalized look at your love or marriage compatibility, get a reading with an Everclear astrologer. These experienced advisors can pinpoint where your biggest strengths are as a couple and where you’ll run into problems. With some guidance, you’ll find more confidence in your approach with your partner. After all, you want to make sure your bong is balanced.

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