Do Libra and Aquarius Get Along?

See if Libra and Aquarius are the best love match.

Libra and Aquarius Match

Libra woman / Pisces man Air Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Libra and Aquarius style

Libra woman / Pisces man Air Water sign romantic match

Hi Libra! Your sun sign is ruled by Venus and represented by the Scales—you’re the epitome of grace. It’s true that Libra natives tend to be elegant and charming, but that doesn’t mean they’re all hot air. They have the cerebral quality of all air signs. Libra uses their intelligence to promote equality in all things. Sometimes, their preoccupation with balance can throw them out of whack. You may feel incomplete without your other half. Can your sign find romantic bliss in a match between Libra and Aquarius?

“Libra demands a certain level of sophistication in a lover. Their chosen mate must have the ability to pick up on subtle cues about Libra’s tastes and preferences.”

A romantically inexperienced Aquarius may not live up to this qualification, but a mature Water Bearer has honed their skills of observation. Libra also needs a mate who can easily interact with people in a variety of social settings. Aquarius (from the Eleventh House of Friendships) easily meets this requirement. The Water Bearer seeks a partner who is intelligent and open-minded enough to discuss unusual ideas. Aquarius feels disappointed, and a bit disdainful, of people whose conversation revolves around their emotions or possessions. Libra’s cleverness delights Aquarius. You’ll make a very socially successful couple. You can throw wonderful parties. Each of you can charm your partner’s friends and your friend groups can intermingle.

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Are Libra and Aquarius a Good Match?

Libra and Aquarius find each other intellectually fascinating. They share long conversations that range between a variety of subjects. Their discussions feel adventurous and exciting to them. During their talks, they will compare their beliefs about important subjects. Both these signs hold strong ideals and seek a partner with compatible views.

“Libra has high standards for physical beauty in their mate. If Libra meets a brilliant Aquarius who lost the genetic lottery, the two of them will probably become friends rather than lovers.”

If the Scales meet a Water Bearer who has good bone structure, but an eccentric appearance, they might do a little makeover on their partner. An infatuated Aquarius will probably be amenable to these changes. As two air signs, both halves of a Libra-Aquarius couple view themselves as highly intelligent. They usually do not come into conflict because they choose different domains. If they are married or live together, Libra decorates the house and chooses (or creates) artwork to adorn the home. Meanwhile, Aquarius makes decisions about household technology.

The Water Bearer and the Scales have a warm relationship based on deep mutual affection and respect. But their partnership is rarely passionate. Neither one of them believes in being emotionally dependent on their mate. They can easily adapt to a long-distance relationship, in which each of them lives alone for long periods of time. Neither of them is very nurturing. If they have children, they may feel impatient for them to grow up and become interesting teens and then adults. They respect each other as intelligent, independent beings so if one of them becomes sick and requires care, the other partner feels confused.

Libra woman / Pisces man Air Water sign love match

Libra and Aquarius Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Libra woman / Pisces man Air Water sign love match

The early phases of a Libra-Aquarius relationship flow effortlessly because they share so many similar traits. Their partnership requires less regular effort and maintenance than many matches and can even endure regular periods of separation. However, the ease of the partnership may cause the Scales and the Water Bearer to take each other for granted. Either or both can become unconsciously disconnected from their mate. Eventually, they simply wander away from each other.

“Aquarius lacks a natural understanding of intimacy, so Libra will have to use their advanced level of relationship skills to instill a sense of emotional closeness.”

Regular Facetiming during periods of separation, along with sexting can help keep the spark between you and your Aquarius lit. Ask your Water Bearer to use their prodigious imagination to help you come up with ideas for re-igniting the relationship and preventing it from growing stale. Libras are highly perceptive about other people. You’re probably able to read subtle signs of trouble in your friends’ relationships even before they realize the problem. Applying that talent to your own life, however, can feel like trying to see the back of your head without a mirror. Fortunately, you don’t have to remain clueless about your partnership with Aquarius. A horoscope compatibility reading can provide you with a roadmap out of confusion. Consult an Everclear relationship advisor to understand the hidden dynamics of your unique character, birth cart, and astrological influence on your love life.

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