Do Leo and Virgo Get Along?

Find out if Virgo traits are the best match for Leo.

Leo & Virgo Match

Leo woman / Virgo man Fire Earth sign romantic match

Dating and love, Leo & Virgo style

Leo woman / Virgo man Fire Earth sign romantic match

Hi Leo! Your horoscope is ruled by the sun in astrology. The sun sits at the center of our solar system, shining it’s powerful light on Earth and giving us the light that we need to survive. Similarly, Leos loves to shine. You bring a sense of warmth and playfulness to the people in your life. Leo and Virgo will have a magnetic attraction and can build a strong foundation on their shared devotion.

“As a fixed sign, the Lion is loyal, but can be headstrong as well. You get ruffled when things aren’t going your way. This modality also means you’re a natural born leader.”

As one of the fire signs, you lead with instinct, passion, and heart. You aren’t afraid to express yourself, and you desire to be loved for who you truly are above all else. Leo is sometimes described as over-confident, but deep down this isn’t necessarily the case. Your roar is loud, but your heart is tender. Virgo, symbolized by the Maiden, is ruled by Mercury which governs intellect and communication. The Maiden is one of the earth signs, making them pragmatic and cautious. This combination of brainy Mercury and stable earth energy makes for a highly organized individual. They have a love of personal development projects and are always striving to be the best version of themselves.

The Maiden is not interested in growing all by themselves, they want to help others be their best as well. Virgo is happiest when they feel helpful. This drive for improvement and for being useful can sometimes toe the line of perfectionism. If Virgo is being hard on themselves, they can utilize their mutable quality to gain perspective. Mutable signs are adaptable and have a great capacity to be flexible and embrace change.

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Are Leo and Virgo a Good Match?

Leo and Virgo look so different from the outside, but they both love to care for others—in their own unique ways. This is the foundation of their partnership. Leos are often described as self-centered, but this is a superficial understanding of the Lion. When you find yourself in the spotlight, it’s usually because you’re looking to entertain. Of all the signs, Leo is the best at play—you want to have fun with those around you. A day without laughter is not a day the Lion is interested in.

“This creates an interesting intersection with Virgo’s service oriented nature. The Maiden shows that they care by offering self-care tips. Perhaps that means buying you a book about meditation or recommending a new workout.”

As a Leo, you have the capacity to see the unique magic in each individual person. You’ll quickly come to admire Virgo’s devoted and dependable nature. Despite your fiery ways, you’re still a fixed sign. You crave the steady, earthy nature that the Maiden has to offer. Leo will likely need to make the first move in this friendship or relationship because Virgo can be reserved when it comes to opening up emotionally. The Maiden will be skeptical of you initially. The Lion’s brazen nature can be perplexing to more introverted signs. Despite the hesitation, Virgo will be enamored once they come to understand that there’s a big, gentle heart under the Lion’s showy exterior.

Leo woman / Virgo man Fire Earth sign love match

Leo and Virgo Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Leo woman / Virgo man Fire Earth sign love match

The Leo and Virgo couple have plenty of differences, but this can drive their attraction to each other. Figuring each other out can be a lifelong puzzle for this match if they approach the relationship with curiosity and compassion.

“Leo, you can teach Virgo about being confident.The Maiden’s perfectionism can make them very cautious, so you will need to regularly remind your partner how talented they are.”

Showcase the power of marching to the beat of your own drum. Virgo can help you stay grounded if your larger than life personality starts to get away from you. The Lion’s need for external validation can cause them a lot of pain, but the Maiden can help you find that love and wisdom within yourself.

As a Leo, you’re extremely affectionate. Your Virgo may not have the same need for physical touch as you. You’ll both have to learn how to communicate your needs in this partnership because of your differing love languages. If you’re struggling to connect emotionally or sexually with your Virgo partner, try an astrology reading with a vetted Everclear advisor. Your astrologer can look at your complete birth charts and provide the guidance you need to create the relationship or marriage you deserve.

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