Do Leo and Taurus
Get Along?

Find out if Taurus traits are a match with Leo.

Leo & Taurus Match

Leo woman / Taurus man Fire Earth sign romantic match

Dating and love, Leo & Taurus style

Leo woman / Taurus man Fire Earth sign romantic match

Hi Leo! Symbolized by the Lion, your horoscope is associated with the Sun in astrology. The Sun is the center of our Universe, a source of warmth and nourishment. As a Leo, you embody these qualities as well. You aren’t afraid to show your love and often find yourself being the glue of your family or friend group. Leo and Taurus couples have the potential for a rock solid relationship if they can appreciate each other’s differences.

“The Lion is all about self expression and validation. More than anything, Leo wants to feel loved for being themselves, and they genuinely enjoy returning that love to those around them.”

As a fire sign, your personality is rooted in desire and action. Although the Lion can be lazy (big cats like to nap), you get fired up and go after things you want with intensity. Taurus, symbolized by the bull, is a quieter creature. As an earth sign, Taurus is driven by pragmatism over desire and practicality over passion. This doesn’t mean that Taurus isn’t passionate. As one of the hardest working signs of the zodiac, it’s almost impossible to stop the bull once they’ve set their sights on something. However, they cannot move forward on passion alone—the Bull needs a plan. Taurus has one key trait in common with Leo: Loyalty. Both signs are masters of dedication and devotion in romantic relationships.

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Are Leo and Taurus a Good Match?

In a Leo and Taurus relationship, it’s likely that the Lion will have to make the first move. Your Taurus partner can be reserved. It’s not that they’re shy, but rather they simply enjoy keeping to themselves to avoid drama. Taurus will be intrigued by your Leo warmth, but they may also be skeptical of it at first. This can be a core struggle in the relationship—Leo wants to express themselves openly while Taurus prefers to be private. As two strong personalities, you’ll have to find a way to respect each other’s desires.

“However, once the Lion and the Bull establish a foundation of trust, there’s potential for a passionate relationship. When Taurus let’s their walls down, they love a grand gesture just as much as charming Leo.”

Both signs are hopeless romantics who also care deeply about family. In terms of values, you shouldn’t have trouble getting on the same page. But beware of this passionate romance turning into jealousy. Both Leo and Taurus can become possessive about those that they love, so make sure that boundaries and expectations are clearly defined at the start of this relationship. Ultimately, Leo and Taurus can learn a lot from each other. Leo can help quiet Taurus find the confidence to speak up. Although the Bull has a healthy self-esteem, they shy away from sharing their point of view in a large group. Taurus can teach Leo how to organize and direct their fiery energy.

Leo woman / Taurus man Fire Earth sign love match

Leo and Taurus Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Leo woman / Taurus man Fire Earth sign love match

When two strong horoscopes come together, there is high potential for both passion and conflict. On the positive side, Leo will be impressed with Taurus’s drive and work ethic. In turn, Taurus will be enamored by Leo’s intensity.

“Differing love languages will be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in a Leo and Taurus match. Leo loves out loud, and wants the same in return.”

Taurus, on the other hand, is more comfortable expressing love through actions. So it will be important for you to recognize the little, everyday things that your partner does to show love. This could be anything from making the bed to restocking your toiletries. Taurus doesn’t just want to hear your love, they want to see it. As a fire sign, people are drawn to you Leo. This can make your tender Taurus partner a little jealous. Make sure that you reassure them not only with words, but with quality time and sexual intimacy. Understanding your partner’s love language is critical in any relationship or marriage. If you’re struggling to express your needs to your Taurus partner, connect with a astrology advisor from Everclear to get the love guidance you need. An experienced astrologer can look at your complete birth charts and provide personalized advice for your unique relationship.

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