Do Leo and Scorpio Get Along?

See if Leo and Scorpio are the best love match.

Leo and Scorpio Match

Leo woman / Scorpio man Fire Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Leo and Scorpio style

Leo woman / Scorpio man Fire Water sign romantic match

Hi Leo! As a sign ruled by the Sun, the Lion is no stranger to being the center of attention. Connected to the Fifth House of Creativity, they specialize in self-expression. It’s no wonder they draw people’s attention. Luckily, they tend to handle the spotlight with ease, making everyone’s day brighter in the process. Where Leo shines bright, Scorpio rules over the dark. Will you find that opposites attract in a match between Leo and Scorpio?

“Sure, the sun gets in people’s eyes sometimes, but the center of the universe is also warm and giving. Leos are known to be extremely generous and loving.”

While they enjoy being showered with compliments, they will return the favor with gifts, hugs, and loyalty. While this fire sign is happy to give, they can become burnt out if they give too much of themselves away. Enter Scorpio. This sun sign comes from the Eighth House of Sex and Intimacy. This astrological home focuses on death, rebirth, sexuality and secrets. It only makes sense that Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. They find authenticity in the unshined aspects of life. Of course, this water sign gets a bad rap for the Scorpion’s venomous sting. If someone wrongs them, they’re probably better at seeking covert revenge than any other sign. Even so, Scorpio isn’t as creepy crawly as they may seem. A big focus in their life is on renewal. Scorpio can weather most storms in life or love. This tenacity can make them a steadfast lover or friend, who is loyal through thick and thin.

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Are Leo and Scorpio a Good Match?

Both Leo and Scorpio have very strong personalities, which bring them together surprisingly often. As a member of the house of self-expression, Leo enjoys a roll in the hay. In turn, Scorpio is happy to oblige. Physical attraction aside, you can make a powerful couple. Both of your signs are fixed, meaning you get things done. Together, the Lion and Scorpion have an impressive strength to tackle any challenge.

“As bastions of loyalty, both signs tend to prefer monogamous relationships. However, if Scorpio doesn’t feel like it’s a soulmate union, they may venture outside the relationship.”

Your different energies may serve as a push-factor. Introverted Scorpio needs alone time to feel centered. Meanwhile, Leo is a true extrovert who enjoys attention. Additionally, Leo’s optimism may clash with the Scorpion’s more suspicious nature. At a party Scorpio prefers to hang back and observe, but Leo wants to dance on tables and show off their outfit. Different tendencies could drive these sun signs apart if compromises are not made.

Leo woman / Scorpio man Fire Water sign love match

Leo and Scorpio Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Leo woman / Scorpio man Fire Water sign love match

Scorpio may need to lighten up if they want to keep Leo’s interest. In return, the Lion must put their plans aside (at least once a week) and show Scorpio some quality time. Scorpio may be entertained by Leo’s performances, but will take true pleasure in discovering the person behind the facade. Leo can take great pride in getting the prickly Scorpio to crack a smile from time to time.

“To fully understand your Leo and Scorpio compatibility you will need to look at all the planets in your individual birth charts.”

You may have some water in your chart, making you more emotionally close to Scorpio. Meanwhile, your Scorpio could even have Leo placements in their chart. When you get a reading with an Everclear astrologer you’ll discover your unique love horoscope. A vetted advisor can provide personalized insights to your specific Leo-Scorpio compatibility. Get the astrological guidance you need to keep your relationship or marriage strong, and happy for a lifetime.

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