Do Two Leos Get Along?

Find out if Leo and Leo make the best love match.

Leo and Leo Match

Leo woman / Leo man Fire sign romantic match

Dating and love, Leo and Leo style

Leo woman / Leo man Fire sign romantic match

Hi Leo! Two partners sharing the same sun sign amplify both the positive and negative traits of that sign. With a pair of Leos, that means a passionate, high energy relationship between two supremely confident Lions. This zodiac zone is ruled by the Sun, so these two can generate a lot of heat. Leo and Leo horoscopes will have steamy sex and intimacy as often as possible, and heated arguments when their egos clash.

“Leos love luxury and feel they’re entitled to the best. Even when circumstances force them to stay in rather than maintaining a busy social schedule, they’ll cocoon at home in style, wrapped together in a blanket while sharing a pint of ice cream.”

Leos love giving and receiving gifts. When choosing a gift for their partner or a friend, Leo invests time and care in selecting the perfect present—and feels hurt if the recipient does not respond with delight. In turn, Leo expects others to give them something which demonstrates how much they value and respect the Lion.

In a Leo-Leo relationship, their birthday gifts for each other become an annual event in which each partner showcases their generosity and good taste. Lions come from the Fifth House of Creativity, so they can feel stifled without some type of outlet. They may write, paint, sculpt or combine pieces from their extensive wardrobe in new and interesting ways. Their favorite kind of compliments to receive are about their self-expression. Since a Leo paired with another Leo knows this, they make a point of celebrating each partner’s creativity.

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Are Leo and Leo a Good Match?

Leos thrive on competition. If Leo and Leo go head-to-head against each other, their romance can become strained. The relationship remains more harmonious if their achievements are in vastly different fields. That way, they can boast about each other’s awards without envy or resentment.

“Another way to manage the Leo competitive streak is to compete together. If they’re evenly matched at some skill, two Lions can enjoy pitting their talents against others.”

Depending on their interests and talents, they can play doubles tennis, or play as partners in a board or card game. Although Lions pride themselves on being cool, they also have a secret weakness for a lot of traditional romantic activities. They can indulge their taste for hearts and flowers together, having lavish romantic meals for two, or booking a couples’ massage. They also relish any activity that gives them a chance to dress up and attend an opera, a play, or a concert.

If they decide to marry, these two will invite their friends and family to the most beautiful celebration their funds permit. A Leo-plus-Leo marriage provides an opportunity for both Lions to don regally elegant attire while becoming drunk on compliments, congratulatory hugs, and a general outpouring of love from your guests. Leos love weddings and may have multiple ceremonies—either by renewing their vows or by gambling on love for a second, third, or fourth time with a new partner.

Leo woman / Leo man Fire sign love match

Leo and Leo Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Leo woman / Leo man Fire sign love match

Glamor-loving Leos feel impatient with the mundane tasks of life. In a two-Lion relationship, neither partner wants to handle things like cleaning the bathroom. Yet neither one of them wants to live in the squalor that would result from not cleaning the toilet, either. Unfortunately, not all Leos have the wealth to live a champagne lifestyle. If they lack the funds to hire people to manage the chores for them, they’ll have to find a balanced way to share these duties.

“Leos possess abundant charm. This quality enables them to persuade most people to do things the way the Lion wants them done. As a result, they don’t get a lot of experience learning to compromise.”

When a Leo matches with another Leo, they’re both used to having things their way. Flexibility does not come naturally to most Lions, but they will have to learn if they want to stay together. Leos often enter a relationship with another Lion anticipating unadulterated joy based on their many similarities. When two Leos pair up, there’s a period of adjustment as you learn you mirror yet also challenge each other. However, each of you is also an individual whose characteristics reveal the entirety of your birth chart. An Everclear advisor can help you and your lover emphasize the positive potential inherent in your shared zodiac sign and the influences from the moon placements and planets in your charts.

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