Do Leo and Cancer Get Along?

See if Leo and Cancer are the best love match.

Leo and Cancer Match

Leo woman / Cancer man Fire Water sign romance match

Dating and love, Leo and Cancer style

Leo woman / Cancer man Fire Water sign love match

Hi Leo! Those born under your sun sign are expressive, loyal, protective, and honest. As a dazzling fire sign, you’re a welcome addition to any social gathering. In fact, the Lion is often in the spotlight. They have big, tender hearts and love to entertain their loved ones. The bad news: Leo and Cancer horoscopes don’t have the strongest astrology compatibility rating. The good news: some fire and water couples still manage to make it work. You and your Crab may make a lasting match if you can appreciate each other’s personality traits.

“Leo is tied to the Fifth House of Creativity, and to the Sun—the literal center of the universe. Fiery Leos love to shine and tend to prefer a partner who makes a worthy match for them when they make their grand entrance.”

As a Leo attracted to a Cancer, you probably first felt drawn to their creative or daring side of the Crab. Perhaps they played in a local band or could perform daredevil feats on their snowboard. For the relationship to last, you’ll have to also develop an appreciation for your partner’s more retiring, homebody side. Cancer’s connections are the Moon and the Fourth House of Foundation. This house relates to emotions, family, and home. Even if you would prefer to go out dancing and socializing most nights, make some time in your schedule to nest with your Crab. You might have a tendency at first to dismiss Cancer’s talk about emotions. However, taking the time to listen to them has the potential not only to deepen your relationship or marriage, but also provide insight into your own unexplored feelings.

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Are Leo and Cancer a Good Match?

Leos like people to think their confidence is perpetually self-renewing. The truth is, your personal Sun grows dim when you don’t receive enough love, devotion, and admiration. Fortunately, Cancer can shower you with these things. Cancers love to nurture their friends and partners.

“Just be careful. Although Cancer can make you feel cherished, this devotion does have a price. Lions tend to be a bit indiscriminate in their affections, accepting flattery and attention from almost anyone with good manners.”

You’re especially susceptible if the person flirting with you won the genetic lottery or is the tiniest bit famous. However, even if you don’t literally cheat, your Crab will see this dalliance as an emotional affair. A Lion in a relationship with a Crab may also have to accept that their partner does not have the same level of ambition as them. Cancers work hard and can often achieve a lot professionally. However, many of them simply don’t prioritize professional accolades. They may not want to make the sacrifices necessary to become a star in their career. Some Leos prefer this because it means their partner won’t outshine them. Yet a Leo who seeks someone to be half of a power couple might want to look elsewhere.

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