Do Leo and Aries Get Along?

Find out if Leo and Aries are the best love match.

Leo and Aries Match

Leo woman / Aries man Fire sign romantic match

Dating and love, Leo and Aries style

Leo woman / Aries man Fire sign romantic match

Hi Leo! Those born under your sun sign are natural leaders, optimistic, protective, and loyal. It only makes sense that your dazzling sign is represented by the Lion. Connected to the Fifth House of Creativity, Leo natives tend to pour their many talents into pursuits of self-expression. Everything from theater to high romance suits the Lion. Can two passionate fire signs hit it off in a match between Leo and Aries or are they better off as friends?

“At their best, two fire signs find each other irresistible. The Lion admires the Ram and vice versa. They have passionate sex.”

However, if one of them experiences a career setback while the other one continues to shine, jealousy and resentment can wreak havoc on the relationship. Leo’s ruling planet, the Sun, shines warmly on Aries, bestowing them with even greater confidence. Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, energizes Leo. Each of them launches a campaign to make sure the other perceives their brilliance. Leo wears their most dazzling attire and boasts about their philanthropy. Aries talks about how they beat a professional rival. They both have high physical energy and a strong competitive drive, so they might go toe to toe in an athletic challenge. However, a match with a double dose of fire also requires some careful adjustments. The Ram and the Lion both expect to take the lead, so there may be a power struggle between them. There will be less pressure on the relationship or marriage if they work in different fields. If they form a lasting partnership, they will have to find a way to compete amicably in any games or sports they play together.

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Are Leo and Aries a Good Match?

Rams, especially younger ones, leap easily into new flings. If they feel attracted to someone, they don’t see any reason to wait. Leo prefers to be wooed, with extensive flirting and lavish compliments. And no, Leo is not going to join you in that grubby bar bathroom on your date.

“Those with Aries sun signs tend to take pride in their toughness and ability to withstand whatever trials life throws at them. Rams often test themselves through discomfort, pain, or even danger.”

They shouldn’t expect Leo to join them. The Lion prefers Instagrammable adventures that won’t muss their hair or ruin their fashionable clothes. Aries’ tough-it-out attitude may make them ruthlessly blunt and unsentimental. This irritates Leo when they’re out in public, since the Lion prefers more flowery social manners. The Ram may also carelessly harm Leo through their bluntness—the Lion’s large ego has several unexpected sensitive spots.

Passion, energy, and confidence give them much in common. They both can become the life of almost any party they attend. But they can grate on each other in myriad small ways. Aries finds Leo vain and self-indulgent. Leo thinks Aries is too argumentative. The Ram thinks Leo is a social-climbing drama queen. The Lion wishes Aries had more polish. But if they care about each other, they adapt and accept their partner’s quirks and flaws.

Leo woman / Aries man Fire sign love match

Leo and Aries Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Leo woman / Aries man Fire sign love match

A Leo and Aries horoscope match is more likely to succeed if they discuss boundaries early in the relationship. Decide together whether you and your partner grant each other permission to have occasional flirtations—or if you prefer strict monogamy.

“Anger is another frequent theme in Aries-Leo matches. The lives of many Aries natives involve some form of battle—whether against individuals or unfair circumstances.”

Rams often become accustomed to responding to challenges with aggression. This creates a clash with Leo because the Lion won’t back down. Aries, accustomed to intimidating rivals, may feel surprised when Leo responds to the Ram’s bellow with their own roar. Aries needs to learn to channel their intelligence into learning skills of negotiation and compromise. As a Leo, you’ve used your intelligence, courage, and creativity to attain many victories. So why is your match with Aries so confusing? A zodiac compatibility expert can help you perceive the untapped potential in your love life. An Everclear advisor will help you understand how your Leo traits interact with your partner’s Aries characteristics using your complete birth charts. Many Aries-Leo couples grow old together—a compatibility reading enables you to follow their roadmap to lasting happiness.

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