Do Leo and Aquarius
Get Along?

Find out if Aquarius traits are the best match for Leo.

Leo and Aquarius Match

Leo woman / Aquarius man Fire Air sign romantic match

Dating and love, Leo and Aquarius style

Leo woman / Aquarius man Fire Air sign romantic match

Hi Leo! Symbolized by the Lion, you’re loyal, brave, and a natural born leader. It’s a common misconception that all Leos are loud and attention seeking. Instead, the Lion is often thrust into the spotlight whether they like it or not. Leo and Aquarius have a magnetic attraction, but both of these signs will need to keep their egos in check for compatibility.

“It makes sense that Leo’s ruling luminary is the Sun. Much like the Sun, you tend to be the center hub of your family and social circles. Sharing your own warmth and light with those around you is one of your greatest joys. As a fire sign, you’re passionate and skilled at expressing yourself. Naturally, Leo belongs to the Fifth House of Creativity. “

However, the Lion can also be stubborn. As one of the fixed signs, Leo tends to be focused and a bit inflexible. You can be easily thrown off when things don’t go your way. As a fellow fixed sign, Aquarius is also a bit stubborn. They spend a lot of time in their head and can be rigidly attached to their belief systems.

Aquarius are also very forward thinkers. After all, they’re ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation. Like other air signs, Aquarius tends to lead with their mind rather than their emotions or impulse. This cool nature is certainly a contrast to Leo’s fiery passion. Symbolized by the Water Bearer, Aquarius uses their strong intellect to help and nourish their community. It follows that they’re connected to the Eleventh House of Friendships. Despite being a more introverted sign, they use their idealism to make the world better for their friends.

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Are Leo and Aquarius a Good Match?

The common thread between Leo and Aquarius is the deep desire for individuality. The Lion wants to creatively express themselves without limitations and the Water Bearer wants to conduct their lives outside of the norm. This will be the guiding force that attracts these two polar opposites. At the very least, you’ll respect each other’s commitment to having unique identities.

“Both of you have big personalities and can be rigid because of your shared fixed sign quality. On a bad day, Aquarius struggles to admit when they’re run. On one of your bad days, you can be vain and refuse to acknowledge your flaws. This can result in a battle of egos between you and your partner—especially during heated arguments. .”

For better or worse, you can both hold your own during a disagreement. If you can work to master humility together, Leo-Aquarius matches are capable of big things. The Lion horoscope is extremely passionate and pursues their dreams with gusto. The Water Bearer is driven to make the world a better, more socially conscious place. If their goals are aligned, these signs can accomplish anything together.

Yet the mechanics of the relationship can get sticky after the initial passion cools down. As a Leo, physical affection and words or affirmation are likely critically important to you in a relationship. Aquarius, on the other hand, can be a bit cold. They may struggle with the warm and fuzzy aspects of romance. It will be critical to have honest conversations about your needs, as well as each person’s strengths and weaknesses.

Leo woman / Aquarius man Fire Air sign love match

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Leo woman / Aquarius man Fire Air sign love match

Leo and Aquarius couples are a perfect example of opposites attracting. Their connection is absolutely magnetic, but can turn explosive if communication and compassion aren’t at play.

“Pride will be a major threat to this relationship. Both the Lion and the Water Bearer can be set in their ways, and this can turn small disagreements into nuclear explosions.”

During these challenging moments, return to your core shared value of individuality and self expression. Recognizing that your differences are what makes you so magical is your foundation.

Besides, being opposites means that you have so much to offer each other. Aquarius can teach Leo how to be fair and just with their natural leadership skill. Meanwhile, Leo can help Aquarius to loosen up and enjoy the fun and playful things in life.

Your biggest struggle will be with the Water Bearer’s emotionally detached nature. As a Leo you love the mushy parts of a relationship like holding hands, whispering sweet nothings, and sexual romance. You also crave intimacy and validation from the people in your life. Aquarius is not naturally good at this—they need a lot of time and space to process their thoughts and feelings. If you’re struggling to get the intimacy you need from your Aquarius partner, connect with a vetted psychic, empath or intuitive guide from Everclear to receive the guidance you need. A love compatibility and birth chart reading can give you the astrological insights you need to create the relationship or marriage you deserve.

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