Do Gemini get along with Gemini?

Find out if the Gemini pair is the best love match.

Gemini and Gemini Match

Gemini woman / Gemini man Air sign romantic match

Dating and Love, Gemini and Gemini Style

Gemini woman / Gemini man Air sign romantic match

Hi Gemini! Your sun sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, which carries the name of the messenger of the ancient Roman gods. This deity was also known as a prankster. When a Gemini and Gemini pair meet for the first time, they immediately begin to experiment with communication for compatibility. They might exchange information, or trade glances of silent meaning. They can flirt and send signals to each other that other signs might not understand. This is part of the appeal of a match between Gemini and Gemini.

“You might be able to spend hours quoting your favorite songs, books, or movies—checking to see if the other Gemini gets the reference.”

Most importantly, you can joke together as long as you share a similar sense of humor. A Gemini never romances someone who can’t make them laugh. If both of you feel intrigued by each other, you will likely be on the road to a passionate bond.

Geminis are often very graceful (Mercury was also the patron deity of dancers). The two of you may seek out opportunities to be light on your feet—whether it’s dance, yoga, martial arts, canoeing, paddle-boarding, or just taking a walk. When two Geminis form a couple, their romance is likely to progress quickly. Gemini prefers action over waiting and planning. You might move in together or decide on marriage after a short time together.

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Are Gemini and Gemini a Good Match?

Although they love words, Gemini and Gemini also like to send out nonverbal signals. People born with your sun sign often have a very distinctive style of dressing. The Twins also like to mark special moments in their lives through symbolic jewelry or tattoos. Two Geminis reaching a landmark in their relationship might get matching tokens of love.

“Matching signs can either mean double the fun—or an excess of the Gemini element of air. Two breezy personalities may result in a fun, charming couple surrounded by loved ones. However, two air signs can also end up being long-winded and drive people away.”

If the other zodiac signs took a vote, they’d probably say the worst thing about the Twins is their lack of trustworthiness. Gemini is known for bending the truth. If two Geminis want to stay together, you’ll have to discuss the value of honesty within the bounds of your relationship. As much as Gemini loves freedom, defining your boundaries can strengthen your friendship and bond.

Gemini woman / Gemini man Air sign love match

Gemini and Gemini Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Gemini woman / Gemini man Air sign love match

Gemini and Gemini can have a lot of fun together. You can come up with inventive ideas for day trips, or enjoy longer excursions together. Both of you are naturally curious and have a wide range of interests. You and your partner enjoy learning as well as traveling, so as long as you have access to books, the internet, and people, you’re never bored.

“A pair of Twins will have an exciting and inventive sex life. Unless they’re influenced by a conservative background, Geminis have few inhibitions and like trying new things.”

Sexy talk in the bedroom (and via text when you’re apart) keeps your attraction to each other fresh. Yet it’s normal for you and your lover to find yourselves out of sync with each other. After all, it’s hard to pin down a Gemini. An Everclear horoscope compatibility reading can help you realign your relationship. During your reading, your Everclear advisor can examine your unique birth charts and provide guidance to strengthen your match.

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