Do Gemini and Aquarius Get Along?

Find out if Aquarius traits are the best match for Gemini.

Gemini and Aquarius Match

Gemini woman / Aquarius man Air sign romantic match

Dating and love, Gemini and Aquarius style

Gemini woman / Aquarius man Air sign romantic match

Hi Gemini! You’re the fast talking, quick moving, traveler of the zodiac. It only makes sense that Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the fastest planet in the solar system. This celestial body also bestows your signs with intellect and a knack for communication. These traits are only further strengthened by the Twins’ ties to the Third House of Communication. Will these blessings help you succeed in a match between Gemini and Aquarius?

“Like all air signs, Gemini has a keen desire to learn a little bit about everything. Their far reaching interests allow them to blend into almost any group.”

However, the Twins are also known to wear a mask in order to increase their likability. It’s rare for you to reveal your vulnerabilities. Most Geminis want to avoid getting bogged down by heavy emotions. Still, they long for a soulmate who can join them on their quest for knowledge. Enter, Aquarius. This air sign rules the Eleventh House of Friendships. Aquarians love people—in a somewhat detached way. They’re more concerned with the collective than anyone, personal relationship. While they make excellent friends, romantic love is not always their strong suit.

This sun sign is deeply idealistic and independent. They don’t want to feel pressured to take traditional paths in life, like getting married and having children. To lovers they may appear cold at times, but that’s only because they’re visionaries who can get lost in big plans for social change. Symbolized by the Water Bearer, they task themselves with a lot of responsibility. Most of the time, they would rather shoulder a burden than ask for help.

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Are Gemini and Aquarius a Good Match?

Air signs Gemini and Aquarius sound like a match made in heaven. Horoscopes that share an element often have many traits in common. For instance, you both have a keen sense of adventure and unstoppable energy. If anyone can keep up with the Twins, it’s the free-spirited Water Bearer.

“You’re the couple that can talk late into the night about anything and everything. As two social individuals, you’ll probably share friends and acquaintances, too.”

Most any adventure one of you suggests will be met with enthusiasm by the other. Road trip this weekend? Tattoos within the hour? Gemini-Aquarius pairs will most likely be down for it. While Aquarius has trouble settling into convention, Gemini isn’t going to rush into a commitment right off the bat. As lofty air elements, you both prefer to avoid intense emotional displays. In the chaos of activity and fun, you two will grow closer and closer, creating a relationship that could last a lifetime.

Gemini woman / Aquarius man Air sign love match

Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Gemini woman / Aquarius man Air sign love match

As perfect as this match may seem, all relationships require some compromise. Of the two of you, Gemini is more likely to require more affection and attention. Neglected Twins won’t get as emotional as a water sign or demanding like fire elements. However, an aloof partner can still bring them down. Gemini is also a bit more playful and may not always understand Aquarius’ self-seriousness.

“Meanwhile, Aquarius may get annoyed with Gemini’s lighthearted nature. While the Water Bearer is usually easy going, they’re deeply invested in their causes.”

Aquarius will want to make sure that Gemini feels just as important as their many interests, and Gemini will need to straighten up. There’s a lot more to love compatibility than just sun signs, though. Your personality is influenced by other planetary placements. Look to Venus to tell you your romantic and sexual style, or Mars for your passions. When you connect with an Everclear astrologer, you will learn about how you and your partner’s unique love horoscopes and birth charts combine. A zodiac compatibility reading can provide personalized insights into how to make your relationship weather the wind.

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