Do Capricorn and Taurus Get Along?

See if Taurus traits are the best match for Capricorn.

Capricorn and Taurus Match

Capricorn woman / Taurus man Earth sign romantic match

Dating and love, Capricorn and Taurus style

Capricorn woman / Taurus man Earth sign romantic match

Hi Capricorn! Determined and hardy, those with your sun sign are sure to reach the top. As the Goat of the Zodiac, you have a talent for overcoming obstacles and defying the odds. Your ruling planet Saturn gives you a steady and cautious nature. You likely take all the necessary precautions while you climb higher in life. Is love even a priority when Capricorn and Taurus meet?

“These characteristics truly shine in the workplace. Capricorn is tied to the Tenth House of Career and has a habit of prioritizing work. An introverted Capricorn may gain a reputation for being aloof.”

This is unfortunate since the Goat delights in praise and takes criticism to heart. Your desire to impress leads to your desire to work even harder. Like all earth element signs, you delight in money and other material goods. Enter your fellow earth sign, Taurus. Strong and steady, the Bull of the Zodiac is blessed with a keen eye and a taste for the finer things in life. Their House is the Second House of Possessions, so they’re even more reward-driven than you! Taurus is a collector and often has a hard time letting go of things. After all, the Bull is the most stubborn sign in the Zodiac. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which increases their craving for quality time with loved ones. So while it takes them some time to warm up to strangers, you will find that Taurus has a gentle and loyal heart. The Bull prefers to stay in familiar environments and feels most at ease at home. Taurus is not one for big crowds and will be understanding of Capricorn’s introverted tendencies.

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Are Capricorn and Taurus a Good Match?

Taurus and Capricorn have similar hobbies and will find that they have lots to talk about. Luckily, Cap’s sometimes blunt comments will bounce off Taurus’s thick skin. You may even find that you share a similar sense of humor. Friendship is likely to bloom quickly and be long-lasting.

“Soon, Capricorn will find Taurus to be a soothing and reassuring presence—this may tempt you into wanting more. Keep in mind that the Bull is slow to approach change, so don’t try to rush them.”

Taurus has incredible stamina and most stand-offs will be your loss. Forcing anything on a Taurus will lead to rejection and hurt feelings. Instead, let romance blossom naturally for true compatibility. Once you take things at a steady pace, your innate horoscope compatibility will shine through. Just be careful not to get too comfortable in your relationship. Your cautious personality could fuel Taurus’s fixed nature and lead to stagnation. You could both end up feeling stuck in the relationship.

Making decisions and moving forward may pose a challenge for the two of you. If you can find ways to keep things flowing, then a relationship with Taurus will be sure and steady.

Capricorn woman / Taurus man Earth sign love match

Capricorn and Taurus Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Capricorn woman / Taurus man Earth sign love match

The Taurus and Capricorn couple make for a steadfast and enduring match. You will get reassurance and support from your Bull that may be hard to find with other members of the Zodiac. Yet two earth signs may feel so secure in each other’s presence that change can become a problem. This is likely the most daunting challenge that you and your Taurus will face.

“To keep your relationship thriving, both parties must be willing to grow. Falling into a routine together is a good thing just as long as you leave room for spontaneity.”

If you feel that you’re approaching a standstill, do not hesitate to reach out for trusted guidance. Everclear astrologers can help get you and your Bull back on track for a fulfilling relationship or marriage. An experienced astrologer can look at your complete birth charts and provide personalized advice for your unique relationship. The security and love you deserve are within reach, Cap! Seek help to light your way and progress in a rewarding relationship between Capricorn and Taurus.

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