Do Capricorn and Scorpio Get Along?

Find out if Scorpio is the best love match for Capricorn.

Capricorn and Scorpio Match

Capricorn woman / Scorpio man Earth Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Capricorn and Scorpio style

Capricorn woman / Scorpio man Earth Water sign romantic match

Hi Capricorn! Those born under your sun sign are driven and hardy. You’re blessed with a talent for overcoming challenges and defying odds. Capricorn has a hard-earned sense of pride and enjoys achieving new levels of status. As an earth sign, you find pleasure in material rewards and are very goal-oriented. The Goat’s ruling planet Saturn grants them a cautious and steady nature. You may find that you’re able to predict and avoid pitfalls. What would you predict about the Capricorn and Scorpio match?

“Capricorn is tied to the Tenth House of Career and often prioritizes work. Your personality traits and drive to succeed will likely lead to wealth during your lifetime. However, know that wealth is addictive for the Goat.”

Your determined nature may cause you to do whatever it takes to get what you want. Scorpio is a sign that won’t be put off by your motivations. The Scorpion delights in ambitious endeavors and can even help you on your way to the top. Ruled by powerful Mars, Scorpio has passionate and sometimes aggressive characteristics. Their second ruling planet Pluto ties them to the endless cycle of life and death. An introverted Capricorn is not a problem for Scorpio, who enjoys burrowing deep to unlock hidden emotions and reveal secrets.

While you’re an unshakable earth sign, your partner belongs to the adaptable water element. Dark and mysterious, Scorpio has a talent for persuasion and natural allure. They are of the Eighth House of Sex and Intimacy and don’t shy away from using these traits to overcome challenges. The Scorpion and the Goat have similar natures and may occasionally set their eyes on the same prize.

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Are Capricorn and Scorpio a Good Match?

You may be surprised to discover the many ways that Capricorn and Scorpio click. Your ambition and shared passion for rising in status make you a strong match. Capricorn is a stabilizing earth sign whose traits can help ground the more fluid Scorpio. In return, the Scorpion’s watery flexibility and emotional insight can open new doors for the Goat. Attraction is likely to ignite quickly between you due to your horoscope compatibility.

“In fact, the prospect of romance is inevitable. Although Capricorn often hides behind a cold exterior, Scorpio will rise to the challenge. The Scorpion’s persuasive nature, allure, and self-confidence can help you to open up. Sex is likely to be fun and rewarding, although you may feel your partner pushing your limits at times. Conflict can be avoided by setting firm boundaries ahead of time.”

When it comes to ethics, the end justifies the means for both Capricorn and Scorpio. This may cause other sun signs to frown upon your partnership. The Scorpion’s hard shell can take it, but criticism could be a hard blow for a self-conscious Goat. If this doesn’t drive a wedge between you, it will likely make your bond even more intense. A strong relationship between Capricorn and Scorpio may eventually become the two of you against the world.

Capricorn woman / Scorpio man Earth Water sign love match

Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Capricorn woman / Scorpio man Earth Water sign love match

When a bond is made between the Capricorn and Scorpio couple, the resulting relationship or friendship is likely to be strong and supportive in the horoscope. As you may hear from the reactions of those around you, a successful match between you will be life-changing.

“The main challenge you and your Scorpion will face is how to balance work and play. Capricorn spends a lot of time focused on their career while Scorpio juggles many interests.”

You’re both goal-oriented signs, but it can be said that Capricorn lives to work while Scorpio works to live. You will need to learn to put your career on hold at times to attend to your partner. If you begin to feel uncertain about your bond, don’t hesitate to seek outside guidance. Look first to astrology advisors who can help you to restore balance within your relationship or marriage by looking at your complete birth charts and provide personalized advice for your unique relationship. A love reading and guidance session with an Everclear advisor can help you to avoid problems before they surface. A strong lifelong partner is waiting for you, Cap. Heed astrological advice to enjoy a lasting and compatible partnership. Don’t miss this opportunity to relish in the many benefits of a match between Capricorn and Scorpio!

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