Do Capricorn and Pisces Get Along?

Find out if Pisces is the best love match for Capricorn.

Capricorn and Pisces Match

Capricorn woman / Pisces man Earth Water sign romantic match

Dating and love, Capricorn and Pisces style

Capricorn woman / Pisces man Earth Water sign romantic match

Hi Capricorn! Symbolized by the Goat, you’re a metaphorical mountain climber. It follows that Capricorns are ambitious, practical, and proud. Yet this winter-born sign also tends to have a cynical outlook on life. It’s as if they’re preparing for a harsh winter year round. For this reason, a Capricorn and Pisces romance or friendship is most likely to start when the Goat is on vacation.

“In everyday life, Cap might miss seeing Pisces because they’re too busy with work. After all, the Goat is tied to the Tenth House of Career.”

Your workaholic tendencies may get in the way of your love horoscope. Yet if the Goat and Fish manage to connect, the resulting relationship can be mutually beneficial. Capricorn often sees Pisces as someone in need of rescue. The Goat gets to play the hero by extricating the Fish from a difficult situation. In return, Pisces welcomes Cap into a realm of magic. With Pisces by their side, Capricorn can rediscover the beauty of nature and art. Since Capricorn is accustomed to being in charge, they may not notice that Pisces has rules of their own. Although the Fish appears gentle and nurturing, one of their ruling planets is Jupiter—named for the Roman king of the gods. Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, also bears the name of a ruling deity. Yet, according to mythology, Jupiter overthrew Saturn.

In a Capricorn-Pisces match if the Goat seeks to dominate the Fish, the latter may simply leave the relationship. Pisces has a talent for attracting allies and rescuers to their side. Sometimes they may even take a chunk of Capricorn’s wealth or reputation with them. The most successful long-term couples are built on mutual respect.

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Are Capricorn and Pisces a Good Match?

The Goat and the Fish often experience powerful chemistry at their first meeting. Capricorn may throw away their usual caution to pursue Pisces. Pisces may expect Capricorn to prove they are worthy of the Fish’s affections. Capricorn relishes the opportunity to win the object of their affection.

“There’s a quiet electricity between them. They don’t engage in lavish public displays of affection since they are both very private people. However, their eyes are often drawn to each other even in public.”

In the bedroom, Capricorn’s slow-paced caresses are a perfect match for Pisces’ sexual desires. When spending time together, Cap can release their tension and relax. In the first stage of their romance, the normally reserved Goat shares feelings they usually keep hidden with the Fish. However, intimacy does not come easily to Cap. After the first flush of infatuation fades, Capricorn may fear they’ve given away too much of their power by being so open with Pisces. They can either re-adjust to a new emotional reality, or retreat behind a cold facade.

Additionally, Capricorn is very loyal once they truly fall in love. Pisces’ loyalty is to their own dream of perfect romance. If Capricorn no longer seems like the hero or heroine of the Fish’s dreams, Pisces falls out of love. They may even begin looking for a new soulmate. This can easily happen if the Goat forgets to attend to their partner’s need for romance.

Capricorn woman / Pisces man Earth Water sign love match

Capricorn and Pisces Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Capricorn woman / Pisces man Earth Water sign love match

Pisces aspires toward a dream, but Capricorn’s path through life involves facing bleak realities. Their work may require rubbing elbows with people who are greedy, corrupt, and dishonest. Goats may adapt to this environment by emulating those around them. They may unthinkingly speak or act harshly toward their Pisces mate.

“Empathic Pisces is an emotional sponge. They easily absorb and react to the emotions of their partner. If your words or actions seem harsh, Pisces cannot easily shrug off this behavior.”

The Fish expresses anger towards Capricorn, either by withdrawing or hurling angry insults at them. The Fish’s reactions may seem extreme and over-emotional to the pragmatic Goat. When a Capricorn and Pisces union ends, both sides tend to harbor bitter feelings about their ex. Open, honest communication about their differences may prevent these two from splitting. Yet negotiating the difference between Pisces ideals and Capricorn’s realism requires consistent effort from both parties.

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