Do Capricorn and Libra Get Along?

Find out if Libra traits are the best match for Capricorn.

Capricorn and Libra Match

Capricorn woman / Libra man Earth Air sign romantic match

Dating and love, Capricorn and Libra style

Capricorn woman / Libra man Earth Air sign romantic match

Hi Capricorn! Proud and sure-footed, those born under your sun sign are naturally hardy. As the Goat of the Zodiac, you climb steadily towards your goals. Capricorn is an embodiment of determination, even when the odds seem insurmountable. Your ruling planet Saturn gifts you with a cautious nature that helps you to avoid common pitfalls. You have your eye on the prize, but others may misinterpret the Goat’s introverted focus as coldness. This is unfortunate, since criticisms can really affect a self-conscious Cap.

“With great pride in their achievements, Capricorn gets a thrill from rising in social status. Your House is the Tenth House of Career so it’s natural for your work to be a huge piece of your identity.”

Your personality traits are well-suited for managing businesses. Like all Earth elements, Capricorn is driven by material goods and tangible rewards. It’s common for the Goat to have a taste for the finer things in life. Although not an Earth element like you, airy Libra also treasures luxury and niceties. Their ruling planet Venus gives Libra an aura of effortless charm. It may seem to Capricorn that Libra goes through life with relative ease. Indeed, Libra draws attention and enjoys numerous gifts. However, The Scales work to maintain balance in their own way and they have a strong sense of justice.

The Scales are represented by the Seventh House of Partnerships and can feel lost when single. Yet, Libra can also struggle with indecision when it comes to choosing a partner. The Scales must weigh the pros and cons before moving forward, which may cause delays and frustration. While Capricorn can appreciate a cautious approach, even the Goat may find Libra’s indecision to be grating.

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Are Capricorn and Libra a Good Match?

Capricorn and Libra have enough shared interests to make conversation enjoyable. The two of you appreciate material goods and know the importance of building up your social image. However, you both have very different approaches to reaching your goals. Capricorn has a reputation for getting things done, even if it means trampling over others in their way. The Scales are much more concerned with maintaining harmony. There is a gap between your methodologies that can be overlooked in casual encounters but will make further relationships rocky.

“At work and school, the stable and cautious nature of Capricorn can benefit from Libra’s diplomacy and talent for compromise. Partnering with the Scales in projects will help temper your ambition and lead to more widely-accepted results.”

Yet Libra gains popularity with ease, which may make hard-working Capricorn jealous. Self-doubt is a common trait of the Goat and animosity can arise if you direct these feelings towards your partner. Rather than competing, try to work together. Let Libra’s talents pair with your drive to lift you both up. Cap may be curious about a potential romance with Libra, but be hesitant to deepen the relationship. The Scales are beautiful and alluring—it’s natural to feel drawn towards them! But be warned that Libra takes relationships very seriously and prefers not to linger in between partnerships. Libra almost always prefers a stable and long-term partner to a fling. Commit fully to your Scales or be prepared to move on.

Capricorn woman / Libra man Earth Air sign love match

Capricorn and Libra Compatibility: The key to a successful relationship

Capricorn woman / Libra man Earth Air sign love match

A match between a Capricorn and Libra couple leads to a rocky road. Your different personality traits can support each other in business relationships, but friendships, romance, and sex will be challenging. In intimate situations, the stark differences between your ambition and Libra’s morality will come to light.

“Your Scales shine so brightly from afar. but they may not be the supportive partner that a Goat needs. To determine if the two of you can achieve love compatibility, consider consulting an expert.”

Successful relationships can be created between seemingly incompatible signs. Every person is unique and the special circumstances behind you and your partner deserve a personalized reading. If in doubt, don’t give up hope! Everclear’s astrology advisors have dedicated their lives to the art of horoscope compatibility, which includes the characteristics of your birth chart, moon, and planets. An advisor can often illuminate new and surprising aspects of your relationship or marriage and show you the way forward. A guidance session and love reading might be just what you need to bridge the gap. Your determination and persistence are your strength, Cap! Follow your heart and beat the odds (like you always do) to enjoy a match between Capricorn and Libra.

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